Mallory (Sliders)

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Quinn Mallory
First appearance The Unstuck Man
Last appearance The Seer
Created by Tracy Tormé
Robert K. Weiss
Portrayed by Robert Floyd
Nickname(s) Mallory, Fog Boy
Occupation Guinea pig

A fraternal alternate of Quinn Mallory is a main character during the fifth and last season of the show Sliders played by Robert Floyd. This version of Quinn Mallory is usually just called Mallory but sometimes he is credited or referred to as Quinn 2 or Quinn Mallory (2).

The Quinn from Earth Prime was merged with this fraternal alternate of Quinn Mallory by Dr. Oberon Geiger as a science experiment. This version of Quinn Mallory, along with a scientist Dr. Diana Davis, joined the sliders (who were Rembrandt Brown and Maggie Beckett at the time) in order to find a way to unmerge the two Quinns.

This Quinn Mallory is not a genius and not a scientist, as the Quinn Mallory who grew up on Earth Prime was. He was used as a guinea pig for Dr. Geiger's experiments. Mallory had muscular dystrophy and lived in a wheelchair for a while, until Dr. Geiger cured him by extracting some DNA from an unaffected alternate of Quinn Mallory and merging it with Mallory.

Mallory never liked the other Quinn Mallory being merged inside of him and wanted him to be removed.