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General information
Designed bySun Microsystems
Max. CPU clock rate40 MHz to 125 MHz
Architecture and classification
Instruction setSPARC V8
Physical specifications
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The microSPARC (code-named Tsunami) is a discontinued microprocessor implementing the SPARC V8 instruction set architecture (ISA), developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a low-end microprocessor intended for low-end workstations and embedded systems. The microprocessor was developed by Sun, but the floating-point unit (FPU) was licensed from Meiko Scientific. It contains 800,000 transistors. It was used in the SPARCclassic and SPARCstation LX among others.

There are two derivatives of the microSPARC-II (code-named Swift): the microSPARC-II and microSPARC-IIep. The microSPARC-II is used in the SPARCstation 5. The microSPARC-IIep is a 100 MHz microSPARC-II with an integrated PCI controller for embedded systems. It was developed and fabricated by LSI Logic for Sun, and used in their JavaStation Network Computer.

Name (codename) Model Frequency (MHz) Arch. version Year Total threads[1] Process (µm) Transistors (millions) Die size (mm²) IO Pins Power (W) Voltage (V) L1 Dcache (k) L1 Icache (k) L2 Cache (k) L3 Cache (k)
microSPARC I (Tsunami) TI TMS390S10 / TMX390S10 40–50 V8 1992 1×1=1 0.8 0.8 225? 288 2.5 5 2 4 none none
microSPARC II (Swift) Fujitsu MB86904 / Sun STP1012 60–125 V8 1994 1×1=1 0.5 2.3 233 321 5 3.3 8 16 none none


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