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A SPARCstation IPC workstation.

SPARCstation IPC is a workstation sold by Sun Microsystems. It is based on the sun4c architecture, and is enclosed in a lunchbox chassis.


CPU support[edit]

The SPARCstation IPC incorporates a Fujitsu MB86901A or an LSI L64801 25 MHz processor. The SPARCstation IPC is limited to use as a single-processor machine.


The SPARCstation IPC has twelve SIMM memory slots, in three 4-slot groups. Each group of 4 slots can be filled with either four 1MB SIMMs or four 4MB SIMMs, for a maximum of 48MB.

Disk drives[edit]

The SPARCstation IPC can hold one internal 3.5", 50-pin, single ended, fast-narrow SE SCSI disk drive and a 3.5" 1.44MB floppy disk drive. It also supports external SCSI devices. There is no IDE/ATAPI support.


The SPARCstation IPC has the following interfaces:

Network support[edit]

The SPARCstation IPC comes with an on-board AMD Lance ethernet chipset and a 15-pin AUI connector, which can connect to 10Base2, 10Base5 or 10BaseT via an appropriate transceiver. The OpenBoot ROM is able to boot from network, using RARP and TFTP. Like all other SPARCstation systems, the IPC holds system information such as MAC address and serial number in NVRAM. If the battery on this chip dies, then the system will not be able to boot.

Operating systems[edit]

The following operating systems will run on a SPARCstation IPC:

  • SunOS 4.0.3c onwards
  • Solaris 2.0 to Solaris 7
  • Linux – Some but not all distributions still support this SPARC32 sub-architecture
  • NetBSD/sparc32 since 1.0
  • OpenBSD/sparc32

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