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The military sports are sport mainly practiced by the military, the subject of international competitions, with an objective relates to the physical training of military, preparation for combat, skill, toughness, the development of physical qualities of the warfighter and improve the professional proficiency based on the different areas of the military action: land, sea and air.


Since the founding of the International Military Sports Council (IMSC; or Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM)) in 1948, was purpose of this organization structure a body of evidence that adapt and serve as training for the different branches of the armed forces. The Armed Forces Sports are run through the United States Department of Defense.


There are 26 disciplines recognized by CISM; some are exclusively military sports.[1]

Short track speed skating pictogram.svgShort track speed skating and Climbing pictogram.svgsport climbing have also been contested at the CISM World Winter Games.[2]


  1. * — purely military sport

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