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Mousesports logo.jpg
Divisions Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dota 2
League of Legends
Pro Evolution Soccer
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Founded 2002
Location Germany
Manager Cengiz Tüylü

Mousesports (abbreviated as mouz) is a professional eSports organization based out of Germany. Mousesports fields teams in many different games, and are particularly known for its Counter-Strike team. Mousesports was one of the founding members of the G7 Teams.[1] mouz's League team currently competes in the ESL Pro Series, having formerly competed in the League of Legends Championship Series Europe.


Mousesports was formed in 2002 in Berlin, Germany as a Counter-Strike team. The team began to compete in small tournaments, which gradually lead to their progression in larger ones, as well. By 2006, when G7 Teams was created, Mousesports was one of the greatest gaming organizations in Europe, consisting of Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, Quake 4 and Unreal Tournament divisions.

On May 13, 2007, Mousesports announced that it had acquired Nihilum, the officially-recognized premiere worldwide World of Warcraft organization, with Nihilum recognized as a subsidiary of Mousesports.[2][3] The guild was remade into a community called "Nihilum: Mousesports MMO". Nihilum was Mousesports' consistently strongest gaming team in the European competition.[4] However, the relations between Mousesports and Nihilum grew uncertain in the fall of 2008 and finally, on November 10, it was announced that the former PvE team of SK Gaming would be merging with the players of Nihilum, effectively ending the partnership that lasted for over a year and a half.[5] Despite this, however, Mousesports continued to maintain the Nihilum brand and on August 1, 2009, launched a new community website to connect the World of Warcraft guild Method, along with the WotLK Wiki and the Nihilum brand under a single domain.[6]

On April 20, 2009, Mousesports announced that it would be withdrawing its support for Defense of the Ancients despite the huge amount of success they were having.[7] In early 2010, the organization announced the addition of a star-studded StarCraft: Brood War roster, which originally consisted of several American, Canadian, German, Polish and Ukrainian players.[8] Since their original induction into the organization, the team completely switched focus to StarCraft II during the Wings of Liberty beta period and has since become one of the greatest-renowned teams.[9] In one of the greatest-known tragedies in electronic sports history, Mousesports' Counter-Strike player since 2007, Antonio "cyx" Daniloski, died on July 29, 2010 in a car accident caused by tire failure after missing a flight to China to compete for his team.[10] The aftermath of his death featured numerous memorials, tributes, eulogies and a permanent dedication on the official Mousesports website.[11] Several months following Daniloski's death, Mousesports announced the retirement of remaining Counter-Strike players Fatih "gob b" Dayik, Navid "Kapio" Javadi and stand-in Christian "Blizzard" Chmiel, effective following the ESL Pro Series Season XVII Finals.[12]

In March 2012, Mousesports announced that it would be ending its support of its Counter-Strike division, citing the organization's perception of the lack of market, considering the rising prominence of Dota 2 and League of Legends.[13] Mouz picked up a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster later that year.[citation needed]

In April 2017, Mousesports signed the roster of the former Dota 2 team, Ad Finem, marking the first return for the organization to the game in nearly two years.[14]

Current roster[edit]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[edit]

Country ID Name Join date
 Netherlands chrisJ Chris de Jong 2013-10-21 [15]
 Germany denis Denis Howell 2015-05-04 [16]
 Czech Republic oskar Tomáš Šťastný 2016-08-22 [17]
 Spain loWel Christian Antoran 2016-10-08 [18]
 Estonia ropz Robin Kool 2017-04-12 [19]
 Ukraine lmbt (Coach) Sergey Bezhanov 2016-09-11 [20]

Dota 2[edit]

  • Omar "Madara" Dabachach
  • Dimitris "ThuG" Plivouris
  • Kharis "SkyLark" Zafiriou
  • Verros "Maybe Next Time" Apostolos
  • Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannakopoulos

StarCraft II[edit]

  • Gabriel "HeRoMaRinE" Segat


  • Florian "oNio" Roschu

Pro Evolution Soccer[edit]

  • Mike "El_Matador" Linden
  • Matthias "GoooL" Winkler
  • Dennis "wiDe" W.

ShootMania Storm[edit]

  • Rouven "ScHiScH" Falkewitz


  • Patrick "AzZze" Straschek
  • Shved "RedDevil"

Street Fighter V[edit]

ID Name Character(s) Joined
CCL Younes Lazaar Urien 2017-02-25[21]
Problem X Benjamin Simon Birdie, M. Bison 2017-02-25[21]

Tournament results[edit]


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[edit]


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