My Shit Life So Far

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My Shit Life So Far
First edition front cover
Author Frankie Boyle
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Autobiography, Satire
Publisher HarperCollins[1]
Publication date
1 October 2009[1][2]
Pages 304 pp[1]
ISBN 0-00-732450-2 [1]

My Shit Life So Far is a comedic observational autobiography by comedian and topical panelist Frankie Boyle. The book details Frankie's working class childhood in Pollokshaws in Glasgow to his rampant teenage sex drive, and his first job, working in a mental hospital.[2] In order to avoid obscenity, the word "shit" on the cover was covered by stickers in most bookshops.


The book has received mostly positive reviews, with the Sunday Mail saying of it that it is "highly original, hilariously funny material, based on topical issues and cynical observations. Pure stand-up, pure brilliant. Staggering. Laid back, laconic, sharp as the jaggiest jaggy bit of a thistle.[3]" The Guardian also received it well saying that it had "...perfectly constructed, weird and wicked one-liners! His eye for absurdity is as sharp as his suits."[3] The Edinburgh Evening News said that "You can forgive Frankie Boyle's confidence and his apparent belief that he is really that good. That is simply, because he is."[3]

The Metro said that the book was "An impressive arsenal of punch lines! Bloody funny."[3] The Herald said that "Frankie has the attention-holding flair of a natural storyteller." and the List noted that "If anyone can steal the crown as the UK's top gag teller, it's him."[3]


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