Naryn (dish)

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Course Pasta
Place of origin Uzbekistan
Serving temperature Cold or hot
Main ingredients Noodles, horse meat
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Naryn or norin (Uzbek/Russian: норин, норын) is an Uzbek pasta dish made with fresh hand-rolled noodles and horse meat. Naryn can be served as a cold pasta dish (kuruk norin – dry norin) or as a hot noodle soup (khul norin – wet norin).[1]


Homemade pasta is rolled very thinly and cut into strips 1–2 mm wide and 50-70mm long. The noodles are cooked in plain boiling water or often in a broth of horse meat.[2] Horse meat is then shredded into the pasta and naryn is served on a lagan (12" plate) decorated with slices of horse meat sausage (kazy). The dish is served as a part of any extended meal after the samsa and before the plov (osh).

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