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Fideua - xurde.jpg
Course Pasta
Place of origin Spain
Region or state Valencia
Main ingredients Vermicelli, white-fleshed fish, crustaceans
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Fideuà (Valencian: [fiðeˈwa]) or Fideuada (Catalan: [fiðəˈwaðə], from fideu, Catalan/Valencian for "noodle") is a dish typical of the Valencian Community, in Spain. It originated in the 1920s in the city of Gandia [1] when thin noodles like vermicelli were used instead of rice in the popular dish paella.[2]

There are many variations of it with different ingredients, but it is usually made with white-fleshed fish and crustaceans,[3] and optionally served with allioli sauce.

The city of Gandia hosts a yearly Fideuà International Contest (now in its 40th edition) which has become a showcase for both the traditional Fideuà recipes and preparation techniques as well as for the more advanced propositions.[4][5]

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