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Commander, Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ) is the shore authority of the United States Navy for all U.S. naval facilities in Japan. CNFJ headquarters is in Yokosuka, Japan. It is responsible for shore installation management and liaison with the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF). Commander, Naval Forces Japan is a flag billet, currently held by Rear Admiral Matthew J. Carter, USN.

Naval Forces Japan was initially a subordinate command of Naval Forces Far East, which in turn from January 1, 1947 was part of Far East Command. Rottman writes that NavFE consisted of:[1]

On 3 April 1951, Naval Forces Far East (NavFE) organization was restructured. As a result, the Service Forces, previously fragmented among separate United States Seventh Fleet and NavFE groups, were consolidated into a new Logistics Group, designated Task Force 92.[2]

In March, 1952, the geographical boundaries of Naval Forces Far East were changed to exclude the Philippines, Marianas, Bonin and Volcano Islands.

Area of Responsibility[edit]

CNFJ's area of responsibility extends from the southern tip of the Kamchatka peninsula to the northern tip of Taiwan, as well as the British Territory of Diego Garcia, but excludes the Korean peninsula.


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