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The Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) system supplements the rating designators for enlisted members of the United States Navy. A naval rating and NEC designator are similar to the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) designators used in the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps and the Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) used in the U.S. Air Force.

The U.S. Navy has several ratings or job specialties for its enlisted members. An enlisted member is known by the enlisted rating, for example, a Machinist's Mate (or MM or by the enlisted rate, for example Petty Officer First Class (or PO1). Often Navy enlisted members are addressed by a combination of rating and rate. In this example, this machinist's mate petty officer first class may be addressed as Machinist's Mate 1st Class (or MM1).

However, the NEC designator is a four-digit code that identifies skills and abilities beyond the standard (or outward) rating designator. According to the Military Personnel Manual (MILSPERMAN) 1221-010, the NEC designator facilitates personnel planning, procurement, and selection for training; development of training requirements; promotion, distribution, assignment and the orderly call to active duty of inactive duty personnel in times of national emergency or mobilization.

For example, a person holding the MM-3385 is a nuclear-trained machinist's mate for surface ships, and a person with an MM-3355 is a nuclear-trained machinist's mate for submarines.

In the U.S. Navy's officer ranks, the naval officer designator serves a similar purpose.

01 Deck Department[edit]

0160 - Causeway Barge Ferry Pilot Second Class Petty Officer-Master Chief 0161 - YTB/YT Tugmaster First Class Petty Officer-Master Chief 0164 - Patrol Boat Coxswain Seaman-First Class Petty Officer 0167 - LCAC Operator CPO-MCPO 0169 - Causeway Barge Ferry Coxswain PO3-PO1 0170 - Surface Rescue Swimmer SN-MCPO 0171 - Landing Craft Utility Craftmaster PO1-MCPO 0172 - LCAC Loadmaster SN-PO1 0181 - Navy Lighterage Deck Supervisor PO3-PO1 0190 - Force Protection Boat Coxswain PO3-PO1 0199 - Boatswain's Mate Basic

02 Navigation Department[edit]

0202 - Assistant Navigator PO1-MCPO 0215 - Harbor/Docking Pilot PO1-MCPO 0299 - Quartermaster Basic

03 Operations Department[edit]

0302 - AN/SYS-2 Integrated Automatic Detection and Tracking (IADT) Systems Operator SN-CPO 0304 - LCAC Radar Operator/Navigator PO2-CPO 0318 - Air Intercept Controller PO2-PO1 0319 - Supervisory Air Intercept Controller PO1-MCPO 0324 - ASW/SUW Tactical Air Controller (ASTAC) PO2-MCPO 0327 - Sea Combat Air Controller (SCAC) SN-CPO 0328 - ASW/ASUW Tactical Air Control (ASTAC) Leadership CPO-MCPO 0334 - HARPOON (AN/SWG-1A) Engagement Planning Operator PO3-MCPO 0336 - Tactical/Mobile (TacMobile) Operations Control (OPCON) Operator SN-CPO 0340 - Global Command and Control System Common Operational Picture/Maritime 4.X (GCCS COP/M 4.X) Operator SN-MCPO 0342 - Global Command and Control System Common Operational Picture/Maritime (GCCS COP/M) Operator SN-MCPO 0345 - Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS)/Multi-Mission Mobile Processor (M3P) System Operator/Maintainer PO3-CPO 0346 - AEGIS Console Operator Track 3 SN-MCPo 0347 - Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) MK1 Operator SN-PO1 0348 - Multi-Tactical Digital Information Link Operator (TADIL) PO3-MCPO 0349 - SSDS MK 2 Advanced Operator SN-CPO 0350 - Interface Control Officer (ICO) PO1-MCPO 0356 - Global Command and Control System-Maritime (4.1) Increment 2 (GCCS-M 4.1 Inc 2) Operator SR-MCPO 0399 - Operations Specialist Basic

04 Sonar Technician (Submarine/Surface)[edit]

0402 - AN/SQQ-89(V)2/9 Active Sonar Level II Technician/Operator Petty Officer -Chief 0410 - AN/SLQ-48(V) Mine Neutralization Systems (MNS) Operator/Maintenance Technician SN-MCPO 0411 - AN/SQQ-89(V)4/6 Sonar Subsystem Level I Operator SN-PO1 0414 - AN/SQQ-89(V)3/5 Active Sonar Level II Technician/Operator PO3-SCPO 0415 - AN/SQQ-89(V) 2/3/4/6/7/8/9/12 Passive Sonar Level II Technician/Operator PO3-SCPO 0416 - Acoustic Intelligence Specialist PO1-MCPO 0417 - ASW Specialist CPO-MCPO 0425 - AN/BQQ-6 TRIDENT LEVEL III Master Operation and Maintenance Technician PO2-MCPO 0430 - Underwater Fire Control System MK-116 MOD 7 Anti-Submarine Warfare Control System Operator PO2-MCPO 0450 - Journeyman Level Acoustic Analyst PO2-MCPO 0455 - AN/SQQ-89(V) 4/6 Active Sonar Level II Technician PO3-SCPO 0461 - AN/BSY-2(V) Advanced Maintainer PO3-MCPO 0466 - Journeyman Surface Ship USW Supervisor PO2-SCPO 0501 - Sonar (Submarines) Leading Chief Petty Officer PO1-MCPO 0505 - Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) Analyst SN-SCPO 0506 - Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) Maintenance Technician SN-SCPO 0507 - Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) Master Analyst PO2-SCPO 0509 - AN/SQQ-89 (V) Adjunct Subsystem Level II Technician PO3-SCPO 0510 - AN/SQS-53D Sensor Subsystem Level II Technician/Operator SSN-CPO 0511 - AN/SQQ-89(V) 11/12 Sonar Subsystem Level I Operator SN-PO1 0512 - AN/BSY-1 and AN/BQQ-5E Combined Retained Equipment Maintenance Technician PO3-SCPO 0518 - Sonar Technician AN/BQQ-10(V) Operator/Maintainer PO3-SCPO 0520 - Sonar, Combat Control and Architecture Equipment Technician PO2-SCPO 0521 - AN/SQQ-89(V)15 Sonar System Level I Operator SN-PO1 0522 - AN/SQQ-89(V)15 Sonar System Level II Technician PO3-MCPO 0523 - AN/SQQ-89(V)15 Sonar System Journeyman PO2-SCPO 0524 - AN/SQQ-89A(V)15/(V)15 EC204 Surface Ship USW Combat Systems Senor Operator SN-PO1 0525 - AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 Surface Ship USW Combat Systems Maintenance Technician PO3-SCPO 0527 - AN/SQQ-89A(V)15/(V)15 EC204 Surface Ship USW Combat Systems Journeyman PO2-CPO 0530 - AN/BQQ-10(V) TI-10/12 Operator/Maintainer PO3-SCPO 0540 - AN/SQQ-34C (V) 2 Aircraft Carrier Tactical Support Center (CV-TSC) Operator PO3-SCPO 0541 - AN/SQQ-34C (V) 2 Aircraft Carrier Tactical Support Center (CV-TSC) Maintenance Technicians PO3-PO1 0550 - Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) Passive Sensor Operator (PSO) SN-SCPO 0551 - Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) Supervisor PO2-SCPO 0552 - Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) Low Frequency Active (LFA)/Compact Low Frequency Active (CLFA) Operator SN-SCPO 0553 - Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) SURTASS Mission Commander CPO-MCPO

08 Weapons Department[edit]

0746 - Advanced Undersea MK-46 Maintenance Weapons Smith (Seaman-Senior Chief) 0812 - Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor (Second Petty Officer-Master Chief) 0814 - Crew Served Weapons (CSW) Instructor (Second Petty Officer-Master Chief) 0857 - 25mm Machine Gun System (MGS) MK 38 MOD Gun Weapon System (GWS) Technician SR-PO1 0870 - MK 46 MOD 2 Gun Weapon System (GWS) Technician SN-SCPO 0878 - MK-75 Operator/Maintainer SR-CPO 0879 - 5"/54 Caliber Gun System MK-45 MOD 1 and 2 Operator/Maintainer SR-SCPO 0880 - 5”/62-Caliber MK 45 MOD 4 Gun Mount Maintenance SR-SCPO 0979 - MK-41 VLS Baseline IV Through VII Technician SR-MCPO 0981 - MK-41 VLS Maintainer Technician SN-MCPO