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Octavian Ţicu
Ministry of Youth and Sport
In office
February 26, 2013 – May 30, 2013
Preceded by Ion Cebanu
Succeeded by Octavian Bodișteanu
Personal details
Born (1972-08-21) August 21, 1972 (age 43)
Alma mater [University of Iaşi]
Profession Historian
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy

Octavian Ţicu (born August 21, 1972, Ungheni) is a politician and historian from the Republic of Moldova and former professional boxer (multiple national champion).


Octavian Ţicu is Researcher-Coordinator at Institute of History, Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova and Associate Professor at Moldova State University. Octavian Ţicu holds a degree in history from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, Romania, where he also studied for a Ph.D. (1994–2000). He is author of six books (published in Germany, USA, UK, Romania).

Octavian Ţicu is a member of the Commission for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Moldova.[1] Octavian Ţicu has received numerous awards that allowed him to do research in Romania, Russia, Hungary,France, Switzerland,and the United States of America. Presently he is researcher-coordinator at the Institute of History, State and Law, Academy of Science of Moldova.

The executive approved the resignation of former minister Ion Cebanu on 6 February 2013. On the 26th of February 2013 Octavian Țîcu assumed office of Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Moldova.[2]

Published Books: 1. Ticu, O. and Bogus, B. (2014): Nicolae Simatoc (192-1979). Legenda unui fotbalist basarabean de la Ripensia la FC Barcelona, Ediția II, Chisinau. Cartdidact, 267 pp. 2. S. Miloiu, O. Țîcu, V. Jarmolenko (2013), From Neighbourhood to Partnership: Highlights of Lithuania Relations with Romania and Moldova, Târgoviște: Cetatea de Scaun, 2013, 311 pp. 3. Ticu, O. and Bogus, B. (2013): Nicolae Simatoc (192-1979). Legenda unui fotbalist basarabean de la Ripensia la FC Barcelona, Chisinau. Cartdidact, 211 pp. 4. Ticu, O. and Bogus, B. (2010): East European Football from Communism to Globalization, Saarbruken. Lambert Academic Publishing, 167 pp. 5. Ticu, O. and Bogus, B. (2008): Fotbalul în contextul transformărilor democratice din Europa de Est. Cazul Ucrainei, României şi Republicii Moldova. (Football in the context of democratic transformations in Eastern Europe. The case of Ukraine, Romania and Moldova), Chişinău. Cartdidact. 144 pp. 6. Ticu, O. (2004): Problema Basarabiei şi relaţiile sovieto-române în perioada interbelică (1919-1939) (The Bessarabia Problem and Soviet-Romanian Relationships in the Interwar Period (1919-1939)). Chişinău. Prut International. 269 pp.


  • In 2010, he was awarded Medal "Civic Merit" by the President of the Republic of Moldova.
  • In 2004, he received the National Youth Prize in the field of Science and Literature for his monograph, entitled The Problem of Basarabia and Soviet-Romanian Ties in the Interwar Period (1919–1939).
  • During his student years, Ţicu was a professional boxer and won multiple international awards:

1995-2003: Seven times National Champion of Moldova 1995: World Championship, Berlin (Germany). Lost first round to Serafim Todorov (Bulgaria) 1996: V place to European Championship, Vejle (Denmark). Qualified to Olympic Summer Games. 1996: Vice-Champion of Bulgaria for club "Slavia" Sofia. 1996: Participant to the Summer Olympic Games, Atlanta (USA).Lost first round to Toncho Tonchev (Bulgaria) 1996: Golden medalist at Golden Glove, Beograd (Yugoslavia). 1997: Bronze medalist at Czech Grand Prix, Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic) 1997: World Championship, Budapest (Hungary). Lost first round to Dimitar Shtilianov (Bulgaria) 1998: Silver medalist at Chemiepocale, Halle (Germany). Qualified to European Championship. 1998: European Championship, Minsk (Belarus). Lost first round to A. Serdiuk (Ukraine) 1998: Golden medalist at Beogradski Pobednik, Beograd (Yugoslavia) 1999: Silver medallist at European Cup, Lvov (Ukraine) 1999: Bronze medalist at Black Sea Cup, Sevastopol (Ukraine) (Qualification Tournament to the Olympic Summer Games) 2000: Bronze medalist at Golden Belt, Bucharest (Romania) 2001: IX place at World Championship, Belfast (Northern Ireland). 2001: Silver medalist at Feliks Stamm, Warsaw (Poland) 2002: Bronze medalist at Golden Belt, Bucharest (Romania) 2002: European Championship, Permi (Russia). Lost first round to Filip Palici (Croatia) 2003: Golden medalist at Beogradski Pobednik, Beograd (Serbia) 2003: Bronze medalist at Feliks Stamm, Warsaw (Poland) - the last international tournament.

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