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Mission type Optical reconnaissance
Operator Israeli Ministry of Defence
COSPAR ID 2007-025A
SATCAT no. 31601
Mission duration 5 years planned[1]
Spacecraft properties
Bus OPSAT-2000[2]
Manufacturer IAI
Launch mass 300 kilograms (660 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date 10 June 2007, 23:40 (2007-06-10UTC23:40Z) UTC[3]
Rocket Shavit-2
Launch site Palmachim
Contractor Israel Space Agency[citation needed]
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth (Retrograde)
Perigee 454 kilometers (282 mi)
Apogee 560 kilometers (350 mi)
Inclination 141.71 degrees
Period 94.62 minutes
Epoch 24 April 2013, 20:20:50 UTC[4]

Ofek-7, also known as Ofeq 7, is part of the Ofeq family of Earth observation satellites designed and built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the Israel Ministry of Defense.

Ofek-7 launch on a Shavit launch vehicle

The Ofek 7 was launched by a Shavit space launch vehicle on June 11, 2007. Equipped with advanced technology and a series of new enhancements to provide improved imagery, it is placed into an elliptical orbit of 300 × 600 km (190 × 370 mi). Three days after its launch, IAI/MBT Space Division received the first images taken by the satellite. The Ofek-7 is a follow-on spacecraft to Ofek-5 that was placed into orbit in 2002.


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