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In Greek mythology, Olenus (/ˈɒlɪnəs/; Ancient Greek: Ὄλενος Olenos) was the name of several individuals:

  • Olenus, son of Hephaestus and father of Helike and Aex, two nurses of infant Zeus. A city in Aulis was named for him.[1]
  • Olenus, son of Zeus and Anaxithea, daughter of Danaus, eponym of the city Olenus in Achaea.[2]
  • Olenus, father of Tectaphus the Lapith.[3]
  • Olenus, a man who lived on Mount Ida. His wife Lethaea claimed she was more beautiful than any goddess. They were both turned to stone; although Olenus could have avoided this fate, he chose to be with his wife.[4]
  • Olenus, a Lelegian, father of Phoceus. His son was killed by the Argonauts.[5]


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