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The Order of precedence of Nepal is the protocol list(hierarchy of important positions) in which the functionaries and officials are listed according to their rank and office in the Government of Nepal. The new order was endorsed by government in Feb 2013. The earlier order was made in 1990 following the restoration of democracy in which PM was in the 10th position after the members of the then royal family. But after the declaration of republic in 2008 there was absence of such a state protocol even more than four years.[1][2][3]

The Nepalese Table of Order of Precedence[edit]

Order Position Incumbents
- Bidhya Devi Bhandari
- Nanda Kishor Pun[4]
- Sher Bahadur Deuba
- Gopal Prasad Parajuli
  • Speaker
- Vacant
  • Former Presidents
- Dr. Ram Baran Yadav
  • Deputy Prime Ministers
- Bijay Kumar Gachhadar
- Kamal Thapa
- Gopal Man Shrestha
  • Ministers
  • Leader of the Opposition Party
- Khadga Prasad Oli
  • Former Vice-Presidents
- Parmananda Jha
  • Former Prime Ministers
- Lokendra Bahadur Chand
- Pushpa Kamal Dahal
- Madhav Kumar Nepal
- Jhala Nath Khanal
- Baburam Bhattarai
- Khil Raj Regmi
- Khadga Prasad Oli

(in the order they assumed office)

  • Former Chief Justices
  • Deputy Speaker
- Vacant
  • State Ministers
  • Presidents of Parliamentary Committees
- Dr. Swarnim Wagle
  • Chancellors of Academies
  • Supreme Court Justices
  • Members of Judicial Council
  • Assistant Ministers
- Deep Basnyat
- Umesh Prasad Mainali
- Dr. Ayodhi Prasad Yadav
- Anup Raj Sharma
- Basanta Ram Bhandary
  • Chief Secretary
- Lok Darsan Regmi
- Rajendra Kshetri
  • General Secretary of Parliament Secretariat
- Manohar Prasad Bhattarai
  • Chief Justices of Appellate Courts
  • Members of National Planning Commission
  • Members of Constitutional Bodies

- Dr. Savitree Thapa Gurung (CIAA)

- Lila Udasi Khanal

- Madhabi Bhatta Parajuli

- Manchala Kumari Jha

- Sudip Pathak

  • Governor of Central Bank of Nepal
- Chiranjibi Nepal
  • Vice-Chancellors of Universities
  • Government Secretaries
  • Special Class Officers
  • Foreign Ambassadors
  • Secretary General of SAARC
  • Nepal’s Ambassadors
  • Supreme Court Register
  • Deputy Attorneys General
  • Appellate Court Justices
  • Lieutenant Generals of Nepal Army
- Prakash Aryal
- Singha Bahadur Shrestha
  • Chief of Department of National Intelligence
  • UN Residential Coordinator
  • Major Generals of Nepal Army
  • Additional Inspector Generals of Nepal Police
  • Additional Inspector Generals of Armed Police Force
  • Deputy Chief Investigation Officers of Department of National Intelligence
  • Presidents of District Development Committees
  • Chiefs of Metropolitan Cities
  • Joint Secretaries
  • First Class Gazetted Officials (like chief district officers)
  • Director Generals
  • District Court Judges
  • Chiefs of Sub-Metropolitan Cities
  • Mayors
  • Vice-Presidents of District Development Committees
  • Deputy Mayors
  • Consul Generals
  • Chiefs of Public Services Utilities
  • Brigadier Generals of Nepal Army
  • Deputy Inspector Generals of Nepal Police
  • Deputy Inspector Generals of Armed Police Force
  • Deputy Inspector Generals of Intelligence Department
  • Colonels of Nepal Army
  • Senior Superintendents of Nepal Police
  • Senior Superintendents of Armed Police Force
  • Senior Superintendents of Intelligence Department
  • Under Secretaries
  • Directors of Various Government Entities
  • Second Class Gazetted Officials (like local development officers)
  • Lieutenant Colonels of Nepal Army
  • Superintendents of Nepal Police
  • Superintendents of Armed Police Force
  • Superintendents of Intelligence Department
  • Majors of Nepal Army
  • Deputy Superintendents of Nepal Police
  • Deputy Superintendents of Armed Police Force
  • Chairpersons of Village Development Committees
  • Captains of Nepal Army
  • Section Officers
  • Vice-Chairpersons of Village Development Committees
  • Lieutenants of Nepal Army
  • Inspectors of Nepal Police
  • Inspectors of Armed Police Force
  • Inspectors of Intelligence Department
  • Second Lieutenant of Nepal Army

Order of Precedence 1990 to 2007[edit]

From the start of the parliamentary monarchy system in 1990 to the abolition of the monarchy in 2007, a different Order of precedence Table was in force in Nepal, one which gave more precedence to royal family members and career bureaucrats and Army officers over that of Members of Parliament.

The Old Nepalese Table of Order of Precedence[edit]

Order Position Incumbents
  • Siblings of the King and next-in-line to Crown Prince.
  • Children of the King
  • Children of the Crown Prince
  • Children of the siblings of the King
  • Parents and siblings of the King's Spouse
  • Parents and siblings of the spouse of the Crown Prince
  • Parents and siblings of the spouses of the siblings of the King
  • Parents and Siblings of the King's Mother
  • Spouses of the Children of the King
  • Spouses of the Children of the Crown prince and the siblings of the King
  • Speaker of the Parliament
  • Cabinet Ministers/His Majesty's Ministers holding Cabinet portfolio
  • Justices of the Supreme Court
  • Attorney General
  • Cabinet Secretary of Nepal
  • Chief of Army Staff of Royal Nepal Army
  • Chief Secretary of Nepal
  • Deputy Speaker of the Parliament
  • Deputy and Assistant Ministers
  • Chief Justices of Regional Appellate Courts
  • Governor of Royal Bank of Nepal
  • Lieutenant Generals/General Officers Commanding of Royal Nepal Army
  • Additional Cabinet Secretaries/Ministry Heads of Civil Service
  • Director General of the Royal Nepal Police
  • Director General of the Royal Nepal Armed Police Force
  • Members of Parliament
  • Regional Appellate Court Justices
  • Ambassadors of the Republic of India and People's Republic of China
  • Deputy Attorneys General
  • Major Generals of Royal Nepal Army
  • Additional/Principal Secretaries of Government departments/Chief Regional Officers
  • Additional Director-Generals of Royal Nepal Police and Armed Police
  • Joint Secretaries of Civil Service/Chief Zonal Officers
  • Brigadier General of Royal Nepal Army
  • Inspector Generals/Zonal Police Officers of the Royal Police and Armed Police
  • Defence Attache of Republic of India and People's Republic of China
  • Colonel of Royal Nepal Army
  • Deputy Secretary of Civil Service/Chief District Officers
  • Senior Superintendents of Police/Battalion Commanders/Chief District Police officers of the Royal Nepal Police and Armed Police Force
  • Chairmen of Municipalities and Jilla Councils

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