Paavo Siljamäki

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Paavo Siljamäki
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Background information
Birth name Paavo Olavi Siljamäki
Also known as P.O.S., Silky-Mac, Cybersonic, Pump2Funk
Born (1977-04-25) April 25, 1977 (age 38)
Origin Finland
Genres Electronica
Occupation(s) DJ, producer
Years active 1990–present
Labels Anjunabeats

Paavo Olavi Siljamäki,[1] (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈpɑːʋo ˈolɑʋi ˈsiljɑmæki]; born April 25, 1977) is a British-Finnish dance music artist, is one-third of the UK based trance group Above & Beyond. "Paavo Olavi Siljamäki" (or "P.O.S" for short) is also a solo project for Paavo. Apart from that, Paavo has also been member of Aalto, Dirt Devils, Free State, Rollerball, Tranquility Base, Zed-X and OceanLab.


Paavo's interest in producing music began relatively early in his life. At the age of 5 his parents bought a piano, and he also took up playing the cello as well as computers. He composed his first musical when he was 15 years old, and then moved to Helsinki to attend fi: Sibelius-lukio: Finland's leading music high school. After some years of producing dance music in Finland, he moved to the UK to study music business at the University of Westminster. Having a Garage music single already released (under the guise 'Silky-mac') before meeting Jono Grant at University which lead to the formation of the name Anjunabeats (as an artist, then adapted as a label name) and, ultimately, Above & Beyond (with Tony McGuinness). Paavo's solo trance capability was brought out when he was under the heavy inspiration of summer parties at his college and one day he decided to produce a track of his own at his place on a G4 Powerbook. Paavo rolled out his debut single, "Remember (Summer Sun)".

"Remember (Summer Sun)" was released on an EP with "Amnesiac". Remember and Amnesiac were welcomed with huge response in clubland, but "Remember (Summer Sun)" was the track which had achieved anthem status, containing "one of the most gorgeous chord changes ever" according to McGuinness.

The second single by Paavo was "Gravity". It was also used by Tiësto for his compilation album, "In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America".

Paavo spends most of his time with a computer in front of him, either surfing the net or, more usually, making music. However he has admitted to other pursuits:[2]

What do you all do to unwind after a long session in the studio?

Paavo: Well, I used to pop out to the bar for a drink with friends, but these days I do some yoga and meditate: the ultimate way to chill in my opinion!



  • 2003 Remember / Amnesiac
  • 2004 Gravity


The following is a list of releases produced under different aliases (collaboration between Paavo Olavi Siljamäki and other Artists)

  • 2000 Volume One (With Jono Grant) [As Anjunabeats]
  • 2000 Disco Fans (With Jono Grant) [As Dirt Devils]
  • 2000 Different Ways (With Jono Grant) [As Free State]
  • 2001 Release (With Jono Grant) [As Free State]
  • 2001 The Drill (With Jono Grant) [As Dirt Devils]
  • 2001 Volume One (Remixes) (With Jono Grant) [As Anjunabeats]
  • 2002 The Drill (With Jono Grant) [As Dirt Devils]
  • 2002 Different Ways (With Jono Grant) [As Free State]
  • 2002 Liquid Sweep (With Super8) [As Aalto]
  • 2003 Release (With Jono Grant) [As Free State]
  • 2003 The Storm (With Jono Grant) [As Zed-X]
  • 2003 Rush (With Super8) [As Aalto]
  • 2003 Music Is Life (With Jono Grant) [As Dirt Devils]
  • 2004 Music Is Life (With Jono Grant) [As Dirt Devils]
  • 2004 Volume One (With Jono Grant) [As Anjunabeats]
  • 2004 Liquid Sweep (With Super8) [As Aalto]
  • 2004 Taurine (With Super8) [As Aalto]
  • 2004 Rush (With Super8) [As Aalto]
  • 2005 Release (With Jono Grant) [As Free State]
  • 2005 Resolution (With Super8) [As Aalto]
  • 2005 Different Ways (With Jono Grant) [As Free State]
  • 2006 5 (With Super8) [As Aalto]
  • 2006 Volume One (Remixes) (With Jono Grant) [As Anjunabeats]
  • 2006 Untitled Audio (With Mike Koglin) [As P.O.S]
  • 2009 Autumn (With Mike Koglin) [As P.O.S]

Other productions[edit]

Paavo Olavi Siljamäki is a part of Oceanlab, Above & Beyond, Anjunabeats, Rollerball[disambiguation needed] and Tranquility Base produced a lot of tracks as a team under the label Anjunabeats.


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