Philippine presidential election, 1949

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Philippine presidential election, 1949
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  Elpidio R Quirino.jpg Jose Laurel.JPG Jose Avelino studio photo.jpg
Nominee Elpidio Quirino José P. Laurel José Avelino
Party Liberal Nacionalista Liberal
Running mate Fernando Lopez Manuel Briones Vicente J. Francisco
Popular vote 1,803,808 1,318,330 419,890
Percentage 50.93% 37.22% 11.85%

President before election

Elpidio Quirino

Elected President

Elpidio Quirino

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Presidential, legislative and local elections were held on November 8, 1949, in the Philippines. Incumbent President Elpidio Quirino won a full term as President of the Philippines after the death of President Manuel Roxas in 1948. His running mate, Senator Fernando Lopez won as Vice President. Despite factions created in the administration party, Quirino won a satisfactory vote from the public. It was the only time in Philippine history where the duly elected president, vice president and senators all came from the same party, the Liberal Party. Carlos P. Romulo and Marvin M. Gray, publisher of the Manila Evening News, accuse Quirino in their book The Magsaysay Story[1] of widespread fraud and intimidation of the opposition by military action, calling it the "dirty election".

Criticism of the election[edit]

The election was widely criticized as being corrupt,[2] with violence and fraud taking place.[3] Opponents of Quirino were beaten or murdered by his supporters or the police and the election continues to be seen as corrupt.[4]



Final Official Congressional Canvass

e • d Summary of the November 8, 1949 Philippine presidential election results
Candidates Parties Votes %
Elpidio Quirino Quirino wing of the Liberal Party 1,803,808 50.93%
José P. Laurel Nacionalista Party (Nationalist Party) 1,318,330 37.22%
José Avelino Avelino wing of the Liberal Party 419,890 11.85%
Total 3,542,028 100%
Valid votes 3,542,028 98.9%
Invalid votes 37,899 1.1%
Votes cast 3,579,917 69.7%
Registered voters 5,135,814


Final Official Congressional Canvass

e • d Summary of the November 8, 1949 Philippine vice presidential election results
Candidate Party Results
Votes %
Fernando López Liberal (Quirino Wing) 1,341,284 52.19%
Manuel Briones Nacionalista 1,184,215 46.08%
Vicente J. Francisco Liberal (Avelino Wing) 44,510 1.73%
Valid votes 3,370,067 94.1%
Invalid votes 209,850 5.9%
Votes cast 3,579,917 69.7%
Registered voters 5,135,814 100.0%

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