International MXT-MV

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International MXT-MV
Husky from Defence Imagery 07.jpg
British 'Husky TSV' armoured vehicle
TypeArmored truck/MRAP
Place of originUnited States
Service history
In service2006-present
Used bySee Operators
Production history
DesignerInternational Truck
ManufacturerInternational Truck
VariantsSee Variants
Height93" (operational)
91" (transport)

ArmorVariable level armor kits
optional remote weapon station
EngineInternational VT 365
TransmissionAllison 2500 SP
Suspension4x4, wheeled
Ground clearance12"
400 miles

The MXT-MV (Military Extreme Truck - Military Version) truck was introduced in 2006. Part of International Truck's Military Vehicles line, it is an International MXT extensively modified for military duty, transportable by C-130.[1]


The MXT-MVA was demonstrated to the US Army on August 14, 2006 at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.[2]


Both variants are available with three different cab configurations: Standard, Extended Cab, and Crew Cab.


Standard, unarmored version.

MXT-MVA (Armored)[edit]

The Plasan Sasa designed [3] armored version, the MXT-MVA, has the choice of two removable armor kits, dubbed A-Kit and B-Kit, with increasing levels of protection against bullets, mines, and IEDs.[4]

Husky TSV[edit]

The Husky is a variant of the MXT-MVA modified to satisfy the UK MoD's Tactical Support Vehicles (TSV) requirements for the British Army.[5]


Navistar built its rejected M-ATV candidate sharing some powertrain & suspension components with the MXT, but with a completely unique chassis. This protection system was designed by Navistar rather than their normal MXT and MRAP partner, Plasan.[6][7]


Map with MXT-MV operators in blue
  •  United Kingdom - The Navistar MXT-MVA is the UK's Husky Tactical Support Vehicle (Medium). A contract for 351 (262+89) vehicles has been signed.[8]


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