Psionic Power

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Psionic Power
Psionic Power (D&D manual).jpg
Genre Role-playing game
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication date
Media type Print
ISBN 978-0786955602

Psionic Power is a supplement to the 4th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.


Psionic Power adds new options for ardents, battleminds, monks, and psions. Supplementing the Player's Handbook 3 is Psionic Power, a D&D supplement that explores the psionic power source in more detail. This supplement presents hundreds of new options for D&D characters, specifically focusing on heroes who channel the power of the mind. It provides new builds for the ardent, battlemind, monk, and psion classes, including new character powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

Publication history[edit]

Psionic Power was written by Ari Marmell, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Peter Schaefer, Stephen Schubert, Robert J. Schwalb, and published in 2010. The book features art by Ralph Beisner, Eric Belisle, Steven Belledin, Kerem Beyit, Leon Cortez, Thomas Denmark, Wayne England, Kate Irwin, McLean Kendree, Roberto Marchesi, Sean V. Murray, William O'Connor, Héctor Ortiz, Lucio Parrillo, Mike Schley, Chris Seaman, Keven Smith, John Stanko, Emi Tanji, Matias Tapia, and Ben Wootten.