Queen Hyojeong

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Queen Hyojeong
Queen Dowager of Joseon
Tenure 1857 – 1897
1897 – 1903 as Empress Dowager
Predecessor Queen Sinjeong
Successor Empress Sunjeong
Queen Mother of Joseon
Tenure 1849–1857
Predecessor None
Successor Queen Cheorin
Queen Consort of Joseon
Tenure 1844–1849
Predecessor Queen Hyohyeon
Successor Queen Cheorin
Born 6 March 1831
Kingdom of Joseon
Died 2 January 1904 (1904-01-03) (aged 72)
Hanseong, Korean Empire
Spouse King Heonjong of Joseon
Posthumous name
House Namyang Hong
Father Hong Jae-Ryong
Mother Lady Ahn of the Juksan Ahn clan

Queen Hyojeong (6 March 1831 – 2 January 1904) also known as Empress Dowager Myeongheon (명헌왕태후) was the Queen Consort of King Heonjong of Joseon, the 24th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty. She was of the Hong clan (명헌왕후 홍씨)[1]

A folding screen which was depicted all the pomp and ceremony of a royal wedding of Heonjong of Joseon and Queen Hyojeong


  1. ^ Daughter of Hong Jae-ryong (홍재룡)


Preceded by
Queen Hyohyeon
Queen consort of Korea
Succeeded by
Queen Cheorin