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Quintessential Player
Quintessential Media Player version 5.0 screenshot.jpg
Quintessential Media Player version 5.0
Developer(s) Paul Quinn (Quinnware)
Initial release ?
Stable release 5.0.121 (February 18, 2009; 8 years ago (2009-02-18)) [±]
Preview release Non [±]
Written in ?
Operating system Windows
Available in ?
Type Media player
License Proprietary
Website www.quinnware.com

Quintessential Player (also called QMP and formerly QCD) is a freeware, multi-format media player developed by Paul Quinn.

Quintessential Player began life in 1997 as a CD-only player for Windows, when it was known as Quintessential CD Player (hence the 'QCD' moniker associated with the player). Over the years, Quintessential Player gained support for playing MP3s and other audio formats, video playback, and an optional media library was added to the player. This latter addition gave rise to the use of the name Quintessential Media Player, or QMP for short. PC World Magazine has named Quintessential Player as one of their choices for 'Best Media Player',[1] and it has also been selected for inclusion in the Pricelessware list of best freeware.[2]


Quintessential Player natively supports:

A wide range of audio formats playable via the use of plugins, Audioscrobbler support (also supplied via a plugin) and many more skins allowing the customization of the players interface are obtainable from the Quinnware[3] site.

Quintessential Player also has fully functional Windows profile support and doesn't require administrator user access to run properly.

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