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Reading Borough Council
Third of council elected three years out of four
Arms of Reading Borough Council
Coat of arms
Reading Borough Council logo
Council logo
Founded1 April 1974
Preceded byThe Council of the Royal County of Berkshire Berkshire County Council
Mayor of Reading
Cllr Rachel Eden, Labour
since 17 November 2021[2]
Leader of the Council
Cllr Jason Brock[1], Labour
since 22 May 2019
Chief Executive
Peter Sloman
since 28 March 2017
Seats46 councillors
Reading Borough Council composition
Political groups
  Labour Party (30)
Other parties
  Conservative Party (9)
  Green Party (5)
  Liberal Democrats (2)
Length of term
4 years
Last election
2015 (one third of councillors)
2016 (one third of councillors)
2018 (one third of councillors)
Next election
2019 (one third of councillors)
2021 (one third of councillors)
2022 (one third of councillors)
A Deo et Regina
Meeting place
Reading Civic Centre

Reading Borough Council is the local authority for the Borough of Reading in the English county of Berkshire. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. Berkshire is purely a ceremonial county, with no administrative responsibilities.


Reading Borough Council has adopted the committee system of governance, and the current leader of the council is Councillor Jason Brock of the Labour Party. The largely ceremonial post of mayor is held by Councillor David Stevens.[1]


The area covered by the Borough of Reading is one definition of the town of Reading. However, in common usage, the town often encompasses suburbs that lie beyond the borough boundary, in the adjoining local authority areas of Wokingham, West Berkshire, and South Oxfordshire. These suburbs are outside the control of Reading Borough Council.


Reading's councillors are elected by 16 wards:[1]

Councillor Woodward and mayoress Lindsay Montgomery

Of these wards, 15 are represented by three councillors each, with one councillor elected in each of three years out of four. The exception is Mapledurham ward, which has a single councillor elected in one year out of four.

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