South Gloucestershire Council

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South Gloucestershire Council
South Gloucestershire Council logo
Founded1 April 1996
Preceded byAvon County Council
Chair of Council
Cllr Brian Allinson, Conservative
since 19th May 2019
Leader of the Council
Cllr Matthew Riddle, Conservative
since 15th October 2014
Chief executive
Amanda Deeks
since February 2003
Seats70 councillors
South Gloucestershire Council composition
Political groups
     Conservative (40)
Other Parties
     Liberal Democrat (16)
     Labour (14)
First past the post
Last election
7 May 2015
Meeting place
Civic Centre, Kingswood

South Gloucestershire Council is the local authority of South Gloucestershire, a unitary authority in the South West of England region. As a unitary authority it has the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. As such, it is administratively separate from the rest of Gloucestershire.

The council area elects 70 Councillors from 35 wards. Following the May 2015 local elections, South Gloucestershire Council comprises 40 Conservative Councillors, 16 Liberal Democrat Councillors, and 14 Labour Councillors. The current Chair of South Gloucestershire Council is Ian Blair (Liberal Democrat) and the current Vice Chair is Rachael Hunt (Conservative).

From 2019 onwards, South Gloucestershire Council will have revised ward boundaries following the enacted recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. South Gloucestershire will be represented by 61 councillors (9 fewer than at present) in 28 wards and those councillors will represent 9 three-councillor wards, 15 two-councillor wards and 4 one-councillor wards.

Powers and functions[edit]

The local authority derives its powers and functions from the Local Government Act 1972 and subsequent legislation. For the purposes of local government, South Gloucestershire is a non-metropolitan area of England. As a unitary authority, South Gloucestershire Council has the powers and functions of both a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. In its capacity as a district council it is a billing authority collecting Council Tax and business rates, it processes local planning applications, and is responsible for housing, waste collection and environmental health. In its capacity as a county council, it is a local education authority, responsible for social services, libraries and waste disposal.

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