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Visitation Church on Cankar Peak

Rožnik (pronounced [ˈroːʒnik]) is a hill in the Rožnik District and Šiška District northwest of the Ljubljana city center. Together with Tivoli City Park, it forms the Tivoli–Rožnik Hill–Šiška Hill Landscape Park. Extending from Tivoli Park, it is a popular hiking, running, and excursion destination for residents of Ljubljana.


1836 inscription in Visitation Church: ad Rosoletum Collem (at Rožnik Hill)

Rožnik Hill was attested in written sources in 1326 as Rosenberch. The Slovene name is a translation from the German name Rosenberg, originally a compound of Middle High German rôse 'rose' and berc 'mountain, hill'.[1] In modern German the hill was known as Rosenbach.[2][3]


Transmitter tower on Šiška Hill

The hill has two peaks, called Šiška Hill (429 m) and Cankar Peak (394 m). On Cankar Peak stands Visitation Church and an inn where the writer Ivan Cankar lived between 1910 and 1917. Below it, on the southern slope of the hill, is the Ljubljana Zoo.[4]


Every year, a summer solstice ceremony takes place on Cankar Peak with a bonfire lit to celebrate the winners of the Kresnik Award, named after the Slavic pagan deity Kresnik, invoking Slavic pagan ceremonies from before Christianization. Bonfires are also lit on May Day at the same place.


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