Road Control

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Road Control
Focusroad police of Ukraine
  • Kyiv, Ukraine
Area served
Methodvideo documentation
OwnerRostislav Shaposhnikov

Road Control (Ukrainian: Дорожній Контроль, ДК) is a non-governmental organization in Ukraine advocating human rights. Road Control was founded in Kyiv (Ukraine) in 2008 as a reflection of the increasing level of irresponsibility among many road police officers in Ukraine. The main goal of Road Control is to eliminate the corruption, criminal and other types of Ukrainian road police (DAI, Ukrainian: ДАІ) misconduct activities against car-drivers and pedestrians in Ukraine.


To achieve their aims, Road Control activists make video documentation of DAI’s offence activity, uploaded the video to the YouTube making it available to the public. Moreover, such video is subsequently used as a significant evidence to initiate administrative or criminal trials. On the other hand, such video along with comments from the Road Control activists is used as an educational source for drivers against the DAI lawlessness.

A newspaper (sharing the same name as organization) was founded and is published by Road Control.[1]

Criminals vs. Road Control members[edit]

Due to their activity, vehicles of Road Control activists were targets for arson. In March 2012 a chairperson of Road Control, Rostislav Shaposhnikov was kidnapped and heavily beaten in the forest near Kyiv City by unknown people, who were acting by DAI orders as he suspected.[2] All these cases were reported to police, but the criminals were never identified. To support Rostislav and to protest against police inactivity, a demonstration took place at the Ministry of Internal affairs of Ukraine.[3][4]


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