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Roy Wood's Helicopters was a band formed by Roy Wood with Renaissance bass guitarist Jon Camp in 1979, and the live band consisted of Wood, Camp, guitarist Robin George, keyboard players Paul Robbins, Mike Deacon and drummer Kex Gorin. The band was only used to play live shows (playing mainly songs Wood composed for The Move) and Wizzard, plus some of his solo singles and Jeff Lynne's "10538 Overture". Terry Rowley and Tom Farnell joined the line-up for some of the live dates.

Their own single releases, both of which failed to chart, featured Wood playing all the instruments. A third single, "Aerial Pictures", was cancelled due to the lack of success of the others, but was later released by EMI.



  • "Rock City" / "Givin' Your Heart Away" † (Cheapskate, 1980)[1]
  • "Green Glass Windows" ‡ / "The Driving Song" ¶ (EMI, 1981)[2]
  • "Aerial Pictures" / "Airborne" - EMI, not released until 2006

† Vocal backing by Annie Haslam

‡ Featuring the Kempsey Primary School Choir[3]

¶ Vocal backing by Noddy Holder


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