Rubble & Crew

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Rubble & Crew
Based onPAW Patrol
by Keith Chapman
Developed byBradley Zweig
Directed by
  • Dianna Basso
  • Jamie Leclaire (season 2)
Voices of
  • Luxton Handspiker
  • Alessandro Pugiotto
  • Shazdeh Kapedia
  • Alberta Bolan
  • Nova McKay
  • Liam McKenna
  • Nylan Parthipan
  • Sabrina Jalees
  • Martin Roach
Country of originCanada
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes40
Executive producers
  • Gillian Pike
  • Leah Wolfson
Running time22–23 minutes
Production companies
Original release
NetworkTreehouse TV
ReleaseFebruary 3, 2023 (2023-02-03) –
PAW Patrol

Rubble & Crew is a Canadian animated television series and a spin-off of Spin Master's PAW Patrol brand. It is produced by Spin Master Entertainment,[2] with animation provided by Jam Filled Toronto. Corus Entertainment also receives a production credit on the series.

Unlike the original series which airs on TVOntario in Canada, Rubble & Crew airs on Treehouse TV and StackTV. Both services are owned by the spin-off's co-producer Corus Entertainment.[3] The series' first episode was released on the official Rubble & Crew YouTube channel on January 9, 2023[4] followed by its premiere on Nickelodeon in the United States on February 3 of that year.


While attending his family reunion in Adventure Bay, Rubble is called to the neighboring town of Builder Cove by Mayor Goodway's sister Mayor Greatway to help in its construction projects. After building a bridge to Builder Cove, Rubble suggests that his family move to Builder Cove where they establish a construction company called Rubble & Crew that operates out of the Bark Yard. Rubble & Crew helps to expand Builder Cove by repairing buildings and making new ones for various different proprietors while contending with a rival construction worker named Speed Meister. When a construction work is done, Rubble & Crew celebrate their success by doing the "Wiggle and Wag" dance.


Rubble & Crew[edit]

  • Rubble (voiced by Luxton Handspiker) is a 5-year-old English Bulldog and a member of the PAW Patrol who becomes the founder and the leader of Rubble & Crew. He drives around in a bulldozer with an excavator arm. Like PAW Patrol, Rubble is also an expert DJ and makes use of his catchphrase "Rubble on the Double". Handspiker previously voiced Rex from the Dino Rescue sub-series in Season 7 and replaces Lucien Duncan-Reid from the original series.
  • Mix (voiced by Shazdeh Kapadia) is an English Bulldog and one of Rubble's cousins, yet might lead to confusion about them being siblings, as they are the same breed of bulldog. She handles mixing things that are associated with construction like concrete, paint, cement, and glue. Mix drives around in a cement truck that can be customized with paint, cement, concrete, bubbly soap, water, and asphalt. When it comes to certain projects, Mix would lean forward, bang both her front paws, and quote "Wouldn't it be fun if" and makes her suggestion. Sometimes after that, Rubble would quote "Mix, you are one smart pup".
  • Charger (voiced by Alessandro Pugiotto) is a French Bulldog and one of Rubble's cousins. He handles the heavy lifting for construction projects. Charger sports a prosthetic left back leg and drives around in a crane with a golden winch and stabilizer for heavy loads. Charger tends to get the "Zoom Zoom Zoomies" when filled with excitement causing everyone to give him room for it as he runs very fast. He is the first of the characters exclusive to the spinoff to appear in the main series appearing in the ninth-season episode "Charger Visits the Pups".
  • Wheeler (voiced by Liam McKenna in season 1, Nylan Parthipan in season 2) is a Pointer and one of Rubble's cousins. He is a clean freak and handles everything involving nuts and bolts. He drives around in a dump truck that he uses to carry dug-up dirt and different construction supplies with retractable street sweeper parts for cleaning jobs. Sometimes, Charger will make a comment about something and say it again after quoting "I repeat". He is the only member who is not a bulldog. Parthipan previously voiced Al from the original series Big Truck Pups sub-series in Season 9 and Zuma from PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.
  • Motor (voiced by Alberta Bolan in season 1, Nova McKay in season 2) is a Ca de Bou who is Rubble's youngest cousin and the youngest member of Rubble & Crew. She operates and handles the smashing needed for construction projects as well as the occasional paving projects. Because of her age, Motor speaks in the third person like when she quotes "Motor go boom" or other related comments. She also drives around in a vehicle that is a hybrid of a wrecking ball crane and a steamroller.
  • Auntie Crane (voiced by Sabrina Jalees) is a Continental bulldog who is Rubble and his cousins' aunt and Motor's mother. She operates the supply warehouse in the Bark Yard and drives around in a forklift.
  • Grandpa Gravel (voiced by Martin Roach) is a Serrano Bulldog who is Crane's father and the grandfather of Rubble and his cousins. He drives around in a food truck where he makes some kibble for his family.


  • Mayor Greatway (voiced by Leslie Adlam) is the mayor of Builder Cove with a daredevil-like personality. She is the sister of Mayor Goodway who owns a motorcycle with a sidecar. The episode "The Crew Builds a Splash Park" reveals that she is a certified lifeguard.
    • Mr. Ducky Doo is Mayor Greatway's pet mallard who also has a daredevil-like personality. When Mayor Greatway is riding her motorcycle, Mr. Ducky Doo rides in the sidecar.
  • Speed Meister (voiced by Cory Doran) is a construction worker who becomes the rival of Rubble & Crew. He works fast and "sort of good" with disastrous results.
    • Mr. McTurtle (voiced by Cory Doran) is a Speed Meister's pet turtle who mostly quotes "Yep-a-roozie". Speed Meister would sometimes carry him due to being slow.
  • Omar (voiced by Deven Mack) is a man who is among the new people to move to Builder Cove and works as its mail carrier. His motto after playing the kazoo is "Without fail, Omar will deliver your mail".
  • Juniper (voiced by Josette Jorge) is a crossing guard who is the wife of Omar.
  • Lucas (voiced by Housten Daghighi in season 1, Myles-Anthony Douglas in season 2) is the son of Omar and Juniper.
  • Lily (voiced by Mikayla SwamiNathan) is the daughter of Omar and the younger sister of Lucas.
  • Shopkeeper Shelley (voiced by Jonathan Langdon) is the proprietor of a bike shop in Builder Cove as well as a flower shop. His bike shop was expanded by Rubble & Crew so that he could sell more bicycles. In "The Crew Does a Home Renovation", his house was far from his bike shop until Rubble & Crew managed to move his house closer.
  • Camila (voiced by Paloma Nunez) is a truck driver and delivery girl who delivers items in her truck to anywhere in Builder Cove. She is also a certified pilot when it comes to deliveries that are too big for a truck and also operates a boat for water-based deliveries.
  • Café Carl (voiced by Jonathan Tan) is an ice cream vendor who becomes the proprietor of an ice cream shop that Rubble & Crew built for him. He is also shown to have become a proprietor of other businesses in Builder Cove like a cheese restaurant called Café Cheesy Pleasy and a popcorn café.
  • Grocer Gabriel (voiced by Andy Toth) is the proprietor of a grocery store who tends to sing some of his exclamations.
  • Sierra Sparkle (voiced by Michela Luci) is a pop music star and the daughter of Grocer Gabriel who lives with her mom a few towns over from Builder Cove.
  • Farmer Zoe (voiced by Krystal Meadows) is a first-time farmer who moves to Builder Cove. When she learns of new farm facts, she writes them on a paper that is on her clipboard.
    • Truffles is Farmer Zoe's pet pig who Wheeler befriends.
  • Hank Hammer (voiced by Drew Scott) is the television presenter of the renovation show "Hank Hammer, House Helper".
  • River (voiced by Cihang Ma) is a non-binary skateboarder who recently moved to Builder Cove with their family. They are an expert photographer who takes pictures using a camera phone.
  • Park Ranger Rose (voiced by Ophira Calof) is a disenabled paraplegic yet energetic park ranger whose all-terrain wheelchair has special tires that enable her to move across the nature trails easily. She is knowledgeable about anything that is found in nature and often begins those statements by quoting "Fun fact".
  • Coach Karima (voiced by Ana Sani) is a sports coach who moved to Builder Cove and loves to play different games.
  • Inspector Inez (voiced by Paloma Nunez) is a building inspector who conducts safety inspection checks. If the area passes inspection, she awards the construction crew with a golden star.

Returning characters[edit]

The following characters from the original PAW Patrol series make special return appearances in the spin-off.

  • Ryder (voiced by Kai Harris) is the 10-year-old leader of the PAW Patrol who meets up with Rubble and meets his family at a family reunion. He debuted in "The Crew Builds a Bridge".
  • Mayor Goodway (voiced by Kim Roberts) is the Mayor of Adventure Bay and the sister of Mayor Greatway who calls Ryder as she needs her sister to enlist Rubble and his family. She debuted in "The Crew Builds a Bridge".
    • Chickaletta is Mayor Goodway's pet chicken. She makes her debut in "The Crew Builds a Lighthouse"
  • Marshall (voiced by Christian Corrao) is a clumsy but competent 6-year-old Dalmatian and a member of the PAW Patrol who serves as a firefighter dog. He makes his debut in "The Crew and Marshall Build a Fire Station" where he inspects the fire station that Rubble & Crew constructs.
  • Cap'n Turbot (voiced by Ron Pardo) is a sea captain and marine biologist in Adventure Bay who is one of the PAW Patrol's closest friends and most frequent callers. He makes his debut in "The Crew Builds a Lighthouse" where he is enlisted by Rubble to transport Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta to Builder Cove from sea.
  • Chase (voiced by Luke Dietz) is a 7-year-old German Shepherd who serves as a police pup and the second-in-command of the PAW Patrol. He made his debut in "The Crew and Chase Are on the Case".


Series overview[edit]

SeasonSegmentsEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
14926February 3, 2023 (2023-02-03)March 5, 2024 (2024-03-05)
2TBA26[5]March 6, 2024 (2024-03-06)TBA

Season 1 (2023–24)[edit]

No. in
Title [5][6]Written byU.S. air date [5][6]Canadian air dateProd.
code [5][7]
U.S. viewers
11"The Crew Builds a Bridge"Bradley ZweigJanuary 29, 2023 (2023-01-29) (sneak peek)
February 3, 2023 (official)[a]
February 4, 2023 (StackTV & Treehouse)1010.23[8]
Ryder visits Rubble at his family reunion outside of Adventure Bay as they demonstrate their building skills to Ryder by building a gazebo. Upon Ryder being contacted by her, Mayor Goodway hooks Rubble up with her sister Mayor Greatway who needs a big construction work for Builder Cove. This project involves building a bridge that will lead the drivers into Builder Cove so that they can settle there as Rubble and his family have their first encounter with a construction worker named Speed Meister.
22"The Crew Builds a Big Bike Shop"Eva KonstantopoulosFebruary 10, 2023 (2023-02-10)[b]February 11, 20231020.20[9]
"The Crew Builds a Super Tub"Drew Champion & Jacob Moffat

"The Crew Builds a Big Bike Shop": Today is the first ever Builder Cove Bike Day event. As Shopkeeper Shelly orders a resupply of big kid bikes for some of the kids, he asks Rubble & Crew to expand his bike shop. Speed Meister plans to do the job with building supplies stolen from Rubble & Crew which goes horribly awry when he gets trapped. Now Rubble & Crew must rescue Speed Meister and build the expansion to the bike shop the right way.

"The Crew Builds a Super Tub": Rubble & Crew plan for the family photo. After Motor comes in contact with mud, Rubble & Crew plans to give her a bath as Motor refuses and considering it no fun. Rubble must lead his cousins into finding a construction solution so that Motor can enjoy taking a bath. They work on building an awesome super tub that would please Motor before their relatives come to their family photo.
33"The Crew Builds an Ice Cream Shop"Kellie R. GriffinFebruary 17, 2023 (2023-02-17)February 18, 20231030.28[10]
"The Crew Fixes a Squeak"Evan Sinclair

"The Crew Builds an Ice Cream Shop": On a windy day, Rubble & Crew meet with Café Carl who states that he has a new ice cream flavor that he is going to unveil to everyone. Due to Café Carl operating out of his stand, Rubble leads his cousin in building Café Carl an ice cream shop complete with a giant ice cream cone on top. They must work to put together the ice cream shop while dealing with the strong winds.

"The Crew Fixes a Squeak": Rubble & Crew is contacted by Mayor Greatway who needs to practice a big speech revolving around a big surprise. Unfortunately, there is a squeak in Builder Cove's town hall as Rubble and Charger head there to investigate. They trace the squeak to behind a wall and find a little mouse inside it. Once they get it out, Rubble and Charger find two more mice in different parts of town hall as they work to get them out before the big speech.
44"The Crew Builds a Playground"Hugh DuffyFebruary 24, 2023 (2023-02-24)February 25, 20231040.28[11]
"The Crew Fixes a Roof"Robin J. Stein

"The Crew Builds a Playground": After fixing Grocer Gabriel's fence using the same parts with a different style, Rubble & Crew find a crowd that Auntie Crane and Motor are part of at the park. They find Speed Meister building a playground in the usual manner. Seeing how it is unsafe, Rubble & Crew due a safety check where Motor plays on the merry-go-round and she wrecks the playground until Rubble and his cousins save her. After a disastrous opening, Rubble & Crew salvage the playground parts and make it the most awesome playground ever as Speed Meister plans to sabotage it.

"The Crew Fixes a Roof": Rubble & Crew have put together equipment for Mayor Greatway's Chili Cookaroo. Mayor Greatway's chili is described to be a good-tasting chili by Café Carl and Grocer Gabriel. As Mayor Greatway works on making a chili for the Chili Cookaroo, the roof ends up cracking causing her to call in Rubble & Crew. Rubble, Mix, Wheeler, and Charger go up to the roof of the town hall and find that a bald eagle named Wingsy has built a nest on her roof where she has laid three eggs. While Wheeler and Charger work to relocate Wingsy's nest, Rubble and Mix work to fix the roof before the Chili Cookaroo begins.
55"The Crew Builds a Car Wash"Dan DankoMarch 10, 2023 (2023-03-10)March 18, 20231050.20[12]
"The Crew Plans Grandpa Day"Scott Gray

"The Crew Builds a Car Wash": Mayor Greatway is planning on competing in Grocer Gabriel's first road race. Another competitor for this race is Speed Meister who sabotages Mayor Greatway's chances by getting mud on her motorcycle. Rubble & Crew works on building a car wash to clean Mayor Greatway's motorcycle. When Speed Meister sabotages the soap tank with mud and cement, Rubble & Crew works to work on upgrading the car wash to have the strength to wash off the mud and cement.

"The Crew Plans Grandpa Day": During a windy day, Rubble & Crew plan Grandpa Day for Grandpa Gravel. As they plan to do different activities, each member gets called away one by one to help Grocer Gabriel when the wind wrecks the entrance of his grocery story when the Zesty Besty Cheddar goes on sale where Café Carl is among those in line to get the Zesty Besty Cheddar. Each one does their duty in fixing Grocer Gabriel's grocery store.
66"The Crew Builds a Skate Park"Christopher J. GentileMarch 31, 2023 (2023-03-31)April 1, 20231060.18[13]
"The Crew Builds a Tunnel"Eva Konstantopoulos

"The Crew Builds a Skate Park": Mix leads the family in building a skateboard from the scraps they collected from the construction sites. Once that was done, Auntie Crane shows up and reveals that she is a skateboarding champion with Grandpa Gravel explaining this history. Rubble, Mix, Charger, and Wheeler build a surprise skate park for Auntie Crane as Grandpa Gravel and Motor work to keep her busy. They suffer a setback with the quick-drying cement when a duck family rescue ruins the skate park design.

"The Crew Builds a Tunnel": Rubble learns that Charger is a fan of Sierra Sparkle who is going to have a concert in Builder Cove. In addition, Rubble & Crew learn that Grocer Gabriel is the father of Sierra Sparkle where she lives in a few towns over. He gets a call from Sierra who states that a falling giant boulder has blocked the road. Rubble & Crew head out to find a way to move the boulder. After each attempt to move the giant boulder fails even when Motor is called in and accidentally causes a landslide, Rubble & Crew work to build a tunnel by going through the rocks.
77"The Crew Builds a Beaver Home"Nahreen TarziApril 24, 2023 (2023-04-24)April 29, 20231070.12[14]
"The Crew Fixes a Road"Drew Champion & Jacob Moffat

"The Crew Builds a Beaver Home": Rubble & Crew put together a dance floor for the family dance party. Once it is complete, the power goes out all over Builder Cove. That is because the utility poles have been stolen and Rubble & Crew discover that a beaver that they named Crunchy is responsible where he is trying to build a house from them. Mix pitches an idea to build a beaver home for Crunchy from material from the Bark Yard.

"The Crew Fixes a Road": As Mayor Greatway rides her sidecar motorcycle, she comes across Rubble, Mix, and Grandpa Gravel helping Juniper repair her stop sign. After seeing Shopkeeper Shelly and Camilla helping out in Builder Cove, Mix supports Mayor Greatway's idea to start a special parade for helpers. Displeased that he was not invited because of his bad building skills not being any help, Speed Meister plans to help the community in his own sneaky way by damaging Main Street so that he can repair it only for his concrete mixture to cause a sinkhole. It is up to Rubble & Crew to rescue Speed Meister and fix the road the right way.
88"The Crew Builds a Popcorn Café"Ta'riq FisherMay 12, 2023 (2023-05-12)May 13, 20231080.15[15]
"The Crew Fixes a Slippery Mess"Scott Gray

"The Crew Build a Popcorn Café": During a hot day, Rubble & Crew are called in by Café Carl to help build a popcorn café with every popcorn flavor. Mix pitches an idea to build it in the shape of a popcorn box. They find that Café Carl had procured a large pot with all the kernels in town. While Café Carl goes to invite everyone in town, Rubble, Mix, Charger, and Wheeler build the popcorn café as the heat starts popping all the kernels in the pot which causes a mess around Builder Cove. They must work to build the roof and clean up the popcorn.

"The Crew Fixes a Slippery Mess": While working on the Mega Mixer, an oil can spills during Wheeler's part of the job as Grandpa Gravel has Charger bring some sand to put over the spilled oil. Rubble & Crew are called in by Mayor Greatway who is preparing for Mayor Picture Day. To show off Mayor Greatway's daredevil personality, Rubble & Crew plan to build two giant ramps for Mayor Picture Day. Once that is done, Mayor Greatway accidentally drives over the drying paint causing Mix to make soap to clean up the ramp. Due to Wingsy pressing all the buttons, it causes a soapy mess that causes everyone to slip. Now Rubble & Crew must clean up the soap and rebuild the ramp.
99"The Crew Builds a Drive-In Movie Theater"Darnell Lamont WalkerMay 19, 2023 (2023-05-19)May 20, 20231090.14[16]
"The Crew Finds a Rainbow Treasure"Evan Sinclair

"The Crew Builds a Drive-In Movie Theater": Mix and Motor are big fans of the superhero cartoon Super Squirrelly Whirly. A call occurs on the Bark Screen where Mayor Greatway wants Rubble & Crew to build a movie theater to watch the new Super Squirrelly Whirly movie. After getting the supplies for the movie theater, Rubble, Mix, Charger, Wheeler, and Motor work on building a movie theater. Once it is done, Rubble & Crew receive a movie screen from Camila. Due to it being big enough to not fit in the movie theater, Mix gets the idea to covert it into a drive-in theater.

"The Crew Finds a Rainbow Treasure": At the Bark Yard, Rubble can't find his wrench. Charger digs for it and finds a large gem that is the first clue to finding the Rainbow Treasure. After finding Rubble's wrench, Grandpa Gravel uses the Bark Screen to explain about the four triangle stones that will lead anyone to the Rainbow Treasure by sunset. Each one has a riddle that will lead them to the triangle stone. The riddles take Rubble & Crew to Tool Top Mountain, the park, and the lake. Though a setback occurs when ducks crossing the road break the gems in Wheeler's truck causing Grandpa Gravel to come up with a construction solution to fix them before the sun sets.
1010"The Crew Builds a Pig Barn"Eva KonstantopoulosMay 26, 2023 (2023-05-26)May 27, 20231100.19[17]
"The Crew Builds a Giant Runway"Peter Hunziker

"The Crew Builds a Pig Barn": While driving around Builder Cove, Rubble, Mix, Charger and Wheeler meet a first-time farmer named Farmer Zoe and her pig Truffles who have just moved to Builder Cove. She plans to have a pig party and invite everyone to it. Unfortunately, Farmer Zoe doesn't know how to build a pig barn. Rubble & Crew offer to build a pig barn for Truffles as Wheeler befriends her. While Farmer Zoe is away, Rubble & Crew proceed to build a pig barn. Once the pig barn is built, they must find Truffles when she disappears.

"The Crew Builds a Giant Runway": Today is Motor's birthday party as they plan to throw it at the lake because of a present that Camila can only bring there. During the set-up, Camila contacts Rubble stating that she had to fly an airplane since Motor's gift is too big for her truck. Unfortunately, the local runway is too small. Now Rubble & Crew must construct a bigger runway while tearing up the smaller runway. They must put it together by the time Camila returns. By the time the sun sets, it is too dark for Camila to land causing Rubble & Crew to place special lights near the runway to light it up.
1111"The Crew and Marshall Build a Fire Station"Bradley ZweigJuly 31, 2023 (2023-07-31)August 5, 2023111N/A
Mayor Greatway enlists Rubble & Crew to help establish a fire station for Builder Cove where Camila is refurbishing a fire truck. Marshall arrives from Adventure Bay upon being called in to oversee the construction of the fire station where he will name someone a volunteer fire captain which Motor wants to become. Speed Meister plans to become a volunteer fire captain by sabotaging the fire station's garage door with cement. When a fire breaks out where Omar's family is hiking and Marshall's fire truck is trapped inside the garage, Rubble & Crew must use a constructive solution to put out the fire.
1212"The Crew Does a Home Renovation"Evan SinclairAugust 1, 2023 (2023-08-01)August 12, 2023112N/A
"The Crew Builds a Lighthouse"Scott Gray

"The Crew Does a Home Renovation": At the Bark Yard, Rubble and Mix watch the TV show "Hank Hammer, House Helper". He also announces that he will view a construction crew in action. Rubble and Mix then get a call from Shopkeeper Shelley who needs help with his house. When they start to work on Shopkeeper Shelley's house, Hank Hammer arrives to film Rubble and Mix in action. With Shopkeeper Shelley too busy to mention what needs work, they do random things like replacing the front door and fixing the windows until he remembers that he needs his house closer as Rubble enlists Charger and Wheeler for help in moving his house.

"The Crew Builds a Lighthouse": As Rubble & Crew work on making the bridge into Builder Cove less bumpy, Mayor Greatway informs them that Mayor Goodway is visiting Builder Cove where Mr. Ducky Doo will be reunited with Chickaletta. As the asphalt into town is still wet, Rubble enlists Cap'n Turbot to bring Mayor Goodway to Builder Cove. Minutes later, Cap'n Turbot calls Rubble & Crew stating that it got foggy. As Builder Cove doesn't have a lighthouse, Rubble & Crew work on building a lighthouse. Due to a high tide causing the lighthouse to tip, Rubble & Crew must build a giant dog bowl to put the lighthouse in so that Cap'n Turbot can arrive with Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta safely.
1313"The Crew Builds a Dinosaur Museum"Dan DankoAugust 2, 2023 (2023-08-02)August 19, 2023113AN/A
As Rubble & Crew celebrate Family Picnic Day, Charger and Motor stumble upon a place to dig where they stumble upon a dinosaur skeleton of a Velociraptor. Rubble contacts Mayor Greatway who states that they need a special place to keep it. Rubble and Mix come up with the idea to build a dinosaur museum. While Wheeler and Charger dig up and clean the Velociraptor bones, the others build a dinosaur museum in Builder Cove. Rubble is later informed about the Stegosaurus skeleton and a Tyrannosaurus skeleton by Charger and Wheeler as Rubble, Mix, Motor, Auntie Crane, and Grandpa Gravel work to make the dinosaur museum bigger.
1414"The Crew Builds a Wheelchair Ramp"Charity L. MillerAugust 3, 2023 (2023-08-03)August 19, 2023113BN/A
Mix wakes everyone up to celebrate her order of a new paint color. Omar plays basketball with his family before he can handle has mail carrier job and injures his ankle. Rubble and Mix head out to see if Omar is alright when he doesn't arrive in time as this also delays his other deliveries to Shopkeeper Shelley, Grocer Gabriel, and Mayor Greatway. Omar has to recuperate in a wheelchair which can't go up the stairs at town hall. Mix and Rubble plan to build a wheelchair ramp as they enlist Charger, Wheeler, and Motor to help out by replacing one of the stairs in front of city hall. Then they work to get wheelchair ramps installed in other locations.
1515"The Crew Builds a Splash Park"Louise MoonAugust 7, 2023 (2023-08-07)August 26, 2023114A0.20[7]
On the First Day of Summer, Rubble, Charger, Wheeler, Mix, and Motor work to keep cool in the heat. Mayor Greatway shows up at the Bark Yard where she needs Rubble & Crew to build something for the citizens to stay cool. They come up with the idea to build a splash park by an area of the beach that is too rocky for swimming. Rubble contacts Camila to bring a sea monster-type sprinkler for the splash park. With Camila's boat and the sea monster get stuck, Rubble & Crew must find a way to get settle the dilemma with the sprinkler and finish the splash park.
1616"The Crew Builds a Playroom"Michaela FosterAugust 8, 2023 (2023-08-08)August 26, 2023114B0.19[7]
Rubble & Crew get a call on the Bark Screen from Omar where he and Juniper want their help to put together a surprise playroom for Lucas and Lily. While Omar and Juniper take Lucas and Lily to the beach, Rubble, Mix, Charger, Wheeler, and Motor work on starting the playroom until a squirrel enters the shot and Motor's chasing of it spills the supplies which had to be cleaned up. After the wall is taken down, it causes the acorns from the tree to fall down causing the squirrel to cause different construction at each turn. Now Rubble & Crew must find a way to deal with the squirrel and complete the playroom before Omar's family returns.
1717"The Crew Builds a School"Robin J. SteinAugust 9, 2023 (2023-08-09)September 2, 2023115A0.18[7]
Mayor Greatway arrives at the Bark Yard when she sees the art that Mix made and wants to teach an art class. Unfortunately, Mayor Greatway forgot to have a school built and she needs it done before the First day of school. As Rubble & Crew work on building the school, Mayor Greatway enlists Juniper to not let any kids near the area of the school until construction is complete. As Mix works to figure out what type of art she would teach, Rubble & Crew suffer a setback when they set off an underground stream and fills the hole which a family of ducks move in to. Now Rubble & Crew must come up with a construction solution as Mayor Greatway orders Juniper to continue stalling until construction is complete.
1818"The Crew Builds a Waterway"Peter HunzikerAugust 10, 2023 (2023-08-10)September 2, 2023115B0.17[7]
Farmer Zoe is holding her first ever farmers' market. However, her lettuce crops are wilting as Rubble & Crew state that they will need a lot of water for it. Truffles helps them trace the nearest water supply to the river where Crunchy the Beaver lives. Rubble & Crew proceed to build a waterway there so that the water can go directly to Farmer Zoe's crops. When the waterway is built, it is tested on Farmer Zoe's crops. However, a complication occurs when Crunchy builds a dam to forward the water to his swimming pool. Now Rubble & Crew must work to have the water shared between Farmer Zoe and Crunchy before the farmers' market begins.
1919"The Crew Builds an Observatory"Lindz AmerAugust 21, 2023 (2023-08-21)September 9, 2023117A0.20[7]
At the Bark Yard, Rubble, Mix, Charger, Wheeler, and Motor meet a new resident named River who photographs them and also shows them photographs of the things that Rubble & Crew built. As there is a shooting star tonight which River wants to photograph, Rubble & Crew plans to build an observatory on the top of Tooltop Mountain as Rubble enlists Camila to bring the biggest telescope to Tooltop Mountain. Once the things are procured, Rubble & Crew work to get to the top of Tooltop Mountain to build the observatory before nightfall while contending with the dropping cold temperatures.
2020"The Crew Builds a Zipline"Louise MoonAugust 22, 2023 (2023-08-22)September 9, 2023117B0.18[7]
Rubble, Mix, Charger, and Wheeler drive out to the forest where they meet Park Ranger Rose who takes them on a nature hike. While on the nature trail, Park Ranger Rose cautions them to stay on the trail and not to disrupt anything in nature as they plan to complete their hiking before sunset. They are soon followed by Crunchy the Beaver who ends up eating the suspension bridge. With the suspension bridge out of use, Rubble & Crew work on obtaining natural materials to make a zipline. Grandpa Gravel, Auntie Crane, and Motor are called in to help establish the zipline on the other side of the canyon.
2121"The Crew Builds a Library Tea Shop"Jen BardekoffAugust 23, 2023 (2023-08-23)September 16, 2023118A0.13[7]
Grandpa Gravel hosts story time under a tree where he reads about King Pawthur as Café Carl takes part in hearing that story. When a new King Pawthur book is released, Grandpa Gravel states that they should construct Builder Cove's first library. Mix gets the idea to have it also double as a tea shop from Motor who was having tea with Auntie Crane. As Camila is enlisted to get the books and Café Carl gets the tea ingredients, Rubble & Crew work to build the library/tea shop around Grandpa Gravel's usual tree as they learn about trees from Park Ranger Rose. Amidst the construction, Rubble & Crew find a beehive filled with honey bees in the tree causing Rubble & Crew to come up with a construction solution to deal with the beehive with help from Park Ranger Rose.
2222"The Crew Builds a Dance Floor"Robin J. SteinAugust 24, 2023 (2023-08-24)September 16, 2023118B0.15[7]
Rubble & Crew is building a dance floor for the Builder Cove Partner Boogie at the drive-thru theater. As Grandpa Gravel is an expert dancer, Charger asks him to teach him some dance moves upon entering the Builder Cove Partner Boogie. The sparkles from the disco ball attracts Wingsy who accidentally detaches the disco ball which rolls all over Builder Cove. Charger and Wheeler work to catch the runaway disco ball. Afterwards, Rubble & Crew work to rebuild the dance floor, install a new hook for the disco ball that is Wingsy-proof, and clean up the disco ball before the Builder Cove Partner Boogie begins.
2323"The Crew Fixes a Haunted House"Peter HunzikerOctober 9, 2023 (2023-10-09) (Nick Jr.)October 14, 20231160.12[18]
"The Crew Builds a Bat House"Dan DankoOctober 10, 2023 (2023-10-10) (Nickelodeon)0.18[7]

"The Crew Fixes a Haunted House": On Halloween, Rubble prepares his DJ Turntable for Builder Cove's first ever Halloween Party. Mayor Greatway calls in Rubble & Crew to have them fix an old house that is said to be a haunted house. Rubble, Mix, Charger, Wheeler, and Motor show up in their Halloween costumes where they work to given instructions to make the Halloween Party safe while fixing the stairs, the shutters, and the water pipes as well as contending with a possible ghost.

"The Crew Builds a Bat House": The Bark Yard Fun Fall Day will be occurring soon. Unfortunately, there are bats sleeping beneath the Smash-Masher. To remedy this, Rubble leads his family into building a bat house in the forest. Upon arrival in the forest, Rubble & Crew work on building a bat house near some nice-smelling flowers. Once the bat house is built, Rubble and Motor work to draw the bats to the bat house with some flowers. Even after the bats are brought to the bat house, they find one baby bat left behind and now must get it to its family at the bat house.
2424"The Crew Builds a Christmas Show"Bradley ZweigNovember 29, 2023 (2023-11-29)December 2, 2023124A0.13[7]
Rubble, Charger, Mix, and Wheeler are at Farmer Zoe's farm where Wheeler and Truffles are practicing for the first ever Christmas show in Builder Cove. It soon gets cold enough to freeze the mud. Rubble and Mix come up with a Christmas construction solution involving slippery smooth ice as Farmer Zoe pitches an idea for an ice skating rink. With help from Motor, Auntie Crane, and Grandpa Gravel, Rubble, Charger, and Mix make decorations for the Christmas show as Wheeler and Truffles work on some new ice skating moves. Once that is constructed, Wheeler is still stumped on the show until Grandpa Gravel gives him advice on what show he and Truffles can do.
2525"The Crew Builds a Giant Sled Ramp"Scott GrayNovember 30, 2023 (2023-11-30)December 2, 2023124B0.17[7]
Rubble, Charger, Mix, and Wheeler show Lucas and Lily the super snow sleds that they will use to sled down Tooltop Mountain in light of the upcoming snow. The next day, they head to Tooltop Mountain to meet with Omar's family to give them the sleds only to find that there was no snow on Tooltop Mountain. Rubble and Mix come up with a construction solution that involves making a snowy sled slide at the Bark Yard that involves making their own batch of homemade snow. With help from Motor, Auntie Crane, and Grandpa Gravel, Rubble & Crew work to build a giant sled ramp and break up some ice to make the homemade snow with the Smash Masher and the Mega Mixer.
2626"The Crew and Chase Are on the Case"Evan SinclairDecember 4, 2023 (2023-12-04)December 9, 20231200.16[7]
At Town Hall, Mayor Greatway has announced that she is unveiling a special surprise. She has called in Chase to help Camila bring in a specific item safe and sound. The surprise in question is a statue of everyone in Builder Cove. Displeased of how his part of the statue didn't come out right, Speed Meister plans to dispose of the statue with balloons so that he can make his own statue. When the statue floats away with Mr. McTurtle taken with it, Chase helps Rubble & Crew find the statue where he makes them detective helper pups that involves discovering clues and build a science center to solve the clues. Once the clues are solved, Chase and Rubble & Crew must locate the floating statue so that they can rescue it and Mr. McTurtle.
2727"The Crew Builds a Giant Lemonade Stand"Diana AydinDecember 5, 2023 (2023-12-05)December 16, 2023119A0.10[7]
Rubble & Crew come across Lucas and Lily selling lemonade. While Shopkeeper Shelly likes the lemonade, Speed Meister claims he doesn't as he tries to sell his lemonade which Shopkeeper Shelly considers sour. Rubble & Crew plans to build Lucas and Lily a lemonade stand shaped like a lemon. After building a badly-built lemonade stand, Speed Meister plans to send his competition "rolling" with Mr. McTurtle providing a diversion. Now Rubble & Crew must catch the runaway lemon and get it back before its opening.
2828"The Crew Builds a Wildlife Bridge"Peter HunzikerDecember 6, 2023 (2023-12-06)December 16, 2023119BN/A
As Rubble & Crew and Park Ranger Rose observe Crunchy the Beaver in his habitat, they find him building a dam. While looking for more wood, Crunchy finds one across the road causing Rubble & Crew and Park Ranger Rose to briefly stop traffic so that Crunchy can cross the road safely as Juniper is enlisted to help Crunchy cross the road. Rubble & Crew comes up with a construction solution to help Crunchy cross the road easily by building a special wildlife bridge. Once that is done, they get advice from Park Ranger Rose on how to get Crunchy to cross the wildlife bridge by incorporating some of the forest onto it.
2929"The Crew Fixes the Talent Show Stage"Bradley ZweigDecember 7, 2023 (2023-12-07)December 23, 2023121A0.09[7]
Grocer Gabriel is holding a talent show as Rubble, Motor, Mayor Greatway, Mr. Ducky Doo, and River sign up. As the stage is too small for the acts, Rubble and Motor plan to round up the rest of Rubble & Crew to build a larger stage as Motor plans to find a talent for the talent show. Speed Meister plans to sabotage their construction so that his magic act can be the only act to perform. He does this by posing as Mayor Greatway claiming that a pipe burst has occurred at town hall. Upon learning of the false alarm as Mayor Greatway had no knowledge of calling them, Rubble & Crew find Speed Meister's dome which doesn't go according to plan. Rubble ends up enlisting Motor to get him out. Afterwards, Rubble & Crew work on expanding the stage before the talent show begins.
3030"The Crew Builds Instruments"Franklin YoungDecember 11, 2023 (2023-12-11)December 23, 2023121B0.13[7]
On Builder Cove Day, Rubble & Crew set up for town hall for this celebration of Builder Cove's founding. Sierra Sparkle will be performing a special song. The Builder Cove Band consists of Shopkeeper Shelly, River, and Park Ranger Rose where they will be performing with Sierra Sparkle. Unfortunately, Charger's massive case of the Zoom Zoom Zoomies accidentally wrecks the stage and the decorations. Even after Charger uses his crane to lift the wreckage, the instruments are destroyed. Rubble & Crew comes up with a constructive solution to build new instruments and fix the stage before the Builder Cove Day party begins and Sierra Sparkle arrives.
3131"The Crew Builds a Giant Dam"Darnell WalkerDecember 12, 2023 (2023-12-12)December 30, 2023122A0.12[7]
While using the Smash Master to break some rocks into gravel, a thunderstorm occurs, causing Rubble & Crew to flee to their doghouses. After the thunderstorm passes, Rubble & Crew are contacted by Mayor Greatway who informs them that the rain that has built up in the mountains and flowed into the canyon where it will flood Builder Cove. While Mayor Greatway suggests they put up some sandbags, Rubble, Charger, Wheeler, Mix, and Motor work to build a dam while Auntie Crane delivers some sandbags to everyone. With the river constantly rising, Rubble & Crew must work to make the dam even taller before the flash flood arrives.
3232"The Crew Builds a Squirrel-Proof Farm"Nahreen TarziDecember 13, 2023 (2023-12-13)December 30, 2023122B0.15[7]
Rubble and Motor arrive at Farmer Zoe's farm to help set up for the farm fair. Unfortunately, some of the big crops are being targeted by a squirrel that Rubble and Motor try to chase after when the squirrel ate some of the big strawberries. Rubble comes up with an idea to build a fence to put around the crops in order to keep the squirrel out. The squirrel gets over the crops and eats some big blueberries causing Rubble and Motor to upgrade the fence to a perimeter fence with a special top for the squirrel to not get over. Unfortunately, the squirrel digs under the fence and eats some big corn. In order to protect the giant watermelon, Rubble enlists Mix to paint Motor's wrecking ball to look like the watermelon as they build a special case to protect the watermelon with Motor providing the diversion.
3333"The Crew Builds a Fountain Show"Drew Champion & Jacob MoffatFebruary 26, 2024 (2024-02-26)March 2, 2024123A0.13[7]
Charger tells his family about the new song about Sierra Sparkle called "Enjoy the Ride". Rubble & Crew are contacted by Grocer Gabriel who states that Sierra Sparkle needs their help where they must make a special stage for her performance. Mix pitches an idea to make sparkly stars and a confetti finale. Rubble, Charger, Wheeler, and Mix head to the stage and get to work on it. A dilemma occurs during the digging part when underground water is unleashed. After the pipes are put in, the water has ruined most of the building supplies which leads to them using the water and the remaining building supplies to make extra special in the form of a fountain show.
3434"The Crew Builds a Carousel"Kellie GriffinFebruary 27, 2024 (2024-02-27)March 2, 2024123B0.09[7]
Grocer Gabriel prepares to display an assortment of peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower butter, cashew butter, hazelnut butter, grape jelly, strawberry jelly, mixed berry jelly, and apricot jelly as part of PB&J Day. To help keep the crowd from killing time while setting up all the butters and jellies, Grocer Gabriel has enlisted Rubble & Crew to construct something outside the store. They bring to him a mechanical horse to keep everyone busy while Grocer Gabriel finishes setting up for PB&J Day. When enticed by Lily to try the mechanical horse, Grocer Gabriel accidentally spills the jelly he was holding at the time into the joins. After they rescue Grocer Gabriel from the runaway mechanical horse, Rubble & Crew get an idea to build a carousel to entertain the crowd.
3535"The Crew Builds a Parking Garage"Eva KonstantopoulosFebruary 28, 2024 (2024-02-28)March 9, 2024125A0.09[7]
Rubble, Charger, Wheeler, and Mix visit Café Carl's ice cream shop where he shows the Super Sundae Scooper that makes any type of sundae. In addition, he plans to make Kibble Krunch for the Rubble & Crew. As River spreads the word throughout Builder Cove to Omar's family, Mayor Greatway, and other civilians as well as a few nearby towns, the amount of customers causes an "ice cream traffic jam". In order to find a place for everyone to park their cars, Rubble & Crew work to build a parking lot nearby with help from Motor. Due to a large amount of cars, Rubble & Crew work to convert the parking lot into a special parking garage upon being inspired by the Super Sundae Scooper.
3636"The Crew Builds a Campsite"Peter HunzikerFebruary 29, 2024 (2024-02-29)March 9, 2024125B0.13[7]
Rubble & Crew are preparing to go on a camping trip with Park Ranger Rose. Unfortunately, Park Ranger Rose shows up to tell them that the camping trip has been cancelled because of the rains that ruined the Tooltop Mountain campsite. Rubble & Crew works to establish a campsite at the Bark Yard. Once that is done, Park Ranger Rose make plans involving having Grandpa Gravel's chili, going on a nature hike, and roasting marshmellows around the campfire under the dark night sky. As Rubble has a fear of the dark, Park Ranger Rose claims that her nature app will have the moon and stars with different clouds appearing at different points to block them. When it comes to the part of making marshmellows, more clouds keep blocking the Moon causing Charger, Wheeler, and Mix to build their own Moon and stars that have glow-in-the-dark paint applied to them.
3737"The Crew Builds a Treehouse"Christopher J. GentileMarch 4, 2024 (2024-03-04)March 16, 2024126A0.12[7]
Park Ranger Rose talks about her favorite oak tree to Lucas and Lily which is 100 years old as she tries to show them how she climbs it until one of the branches breaks it. She calls in Rubble & Crew to help deal with the old branches. As everyone else is busy cleaning their tools, Rubble enlists Grandpa Gravel to work on cutting down the old tree. With the branches growing back in a year as stated by Park Ranger Rose to Lucas and Lily, Rubble and Grandpa Gravel come up with a plan to make the oak tree turning into a tree house. When Charger, Wheeler, and Mix are enlisted to help with the construction of the tree house, Charger finds that he forgot his drill when it comes to drilling in the screws on the floorboard causing Grandpa Gravel to improvise with a crank that he refurbished earlier.
3838"The Crew Builds a Chicken Feeder"Evan SinclairMarch 5, 2024 (2024-03-05)March 16, 2024126B0.17[7]
Rubble, Charger, Wheeler, and Mix arrive at Farmer Zoe's farm where she has now obtained chickens named Lenny, Benny, and Jenny. As Farmer Zoe has enlisted Wheeler to bring some seeds to feed them, Rubble gets the idea to build a chicken feeder. They get delayed from emergency calls by Shopkeeper Shelly and Juniper to handle a broken sidewalk and a downed tree respectively. Because the seeds are leaking from Wheeler's dump truck, Lenny, Benny, and Jenny follow them to their jobs where they get separated. When Farmer Zoe states that Lenny, Benny, and Jenny are missing after Rubble & Crew had the downed tree recycled by Grandpa Gravel, Rubble and Charger work to find the chickens while Wheeler and Mix work to build a chicken feeder.

Season 2 (2024)[edit]

No. in
Title [5][19]Written byU.S. air date [5][19]Canadian air dateProd.
code [7]
U.S. viewers
391"The Crew Builds a Roller Coaster"Bradley ZweigMarch 6, 2024 (2024-03-06)TBA201A0.16[7]
At the beach, Mayor Greatway and Speed Meister are allowing Mr. Ducky-Doo and Mr. McTurtle to have a playdate together. Speed Meister plans to make something fast for both their animal companions to enjoy only for Mayor Greatway to call in Rubble & Crew to make a fast ride. Rubble & Crew get the idea to build a roller coaster. When Speed Meister plans to build a roller coaster first, he does his own version of a safety check when he ends up being unsafe and sending Mr. Ducky-Doo and Mr. McTurtle riding out of control throughout town, causing Rubble & Crew to save them. Afterwards, Rubble & Crew works to build a roller coaster the right way and doing a proper safety check.
402"The Crew Builds Motor a Play Space"Eva KonstantopoulosMarch 7, 2024 (2024-03-07)TBATBAN/A
At the Bark Yard, Rubble & Crew works to get everything cleaned and ready for Inspector Inez to do an inspection. If they pass the inspection, they will get a golden star. Unfortunately, Motor is doing a lot of smashing with her sledgehammer. Rubble & Crew enlist Builder Cove's latest resident Coach Karima to keep Motor busy in a non-messy way. They play a game of balloons until Motor starts to smash them. No matter what game Coach Karima comes up with, Motor keeps smashing things repetitively. Eventually, Rubble & Crew get the idea to build a special play space out of the magnets and springs that would also clean itself up.


A TV series was ordered after the success of PAW Patrol: The Movie and would focus on one of the main pups from the series. On March 24, 2022, it was announced that the spin-off series would focus on Rubble.[20] On July 27, 2023, the series was renewed for a 26-episode second season.[21]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Rubble & Crew is nominated for Best Direction in a Animated program or series for Diana Basso and Joey So for directing the episode "The Crew and Chase Are on the Case" at the 12th Canadian Screen Awards.[22]


  1. ^ In the United States, a sneak peek of "The Crew Builds a Bridge" aired on December 25, 2022, during the NFL Nickmas Games halftime. The episode made an early premiere after a rerun of Minions on January 29, 2023, and its official premiere took place on February 3.
  2. ^ "The Crew Builds a Big Bike Shop" was first released on the Rubble & Crew YouTube channel on January 9, 2023.


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