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Atari ST BOOK (overhead from right) (T Conté).jpg
Developer Tracey Hall (Designer)
Manufacturer Atari
Release date 1991; 27 years ago (1991)
Discontinued 1993 (1993)
Units shipped 1000-1200
Operating system Atari TOS 2.06 (modified)
CPU Motorola 68HC000 @ 8 MHz[1]
Memory RAM: 1 MiB on board, can be expanded to 4 MiB
ROM: 512 KiB
Storage Hard disk: 40/80/120 MB 2.5" IDE[2]
Floppy disk: optional external drive
Display 10.4" passive matrix LCD (EPSON)
Graphics 640×400 1-bit mono
Power 7 AA batteries
Optional extra: Rechargeable NiCad battery pack (up to 10 hours power)
AC Adapter (110/220 V switchable)[3]
Dimensions 8.5 in × 11.4 in × 1.4 in (216 mm × 290 mm × 36 mm)
Weight 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg)
Predecessor STacy

The ST BOOK is a portable computer released in 1991 by Atari. It was based on the Atari STE. The ST BOOK was vastly more portable than the previous Atari portable, the STacy, but it sacrificed several features in order to achieve this: notably the backlight, and internal floppy disc drive.[verification needed]

The screen is highly reflective. It supports the 640×400 1-bit mono mode only and no external video port was provided. For its limitations, it gained some popularity as being the most utterly portable "real" computer of the day (slim, light, quiet, reliable, and with a long battery life, even by today's standards for all 5).

The ST BOOK is shipped with a modified version of TOS 2.06.

Specifications [1][edit]

Model number: NST-141

  • Blitter
  • Character set: Atari ST character set (based on codepage 437)
  • Real-time clock Lithium Battery
  • Parallel: Yes (1 port)
  • Serial: Yes (1 port)
  • ACSI/FDD: Yes (1 port)
  • Midi: Yes (2 ports)
  • External keyboard
  • Internal Modem: optional (used for this model's expansion port)
  • Vector Pad


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