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Kee Games was an arcade game manufacturer that released games from 1973 to 1978. Kee was headed by Joe Keenan, a long-time friend of Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. Keenan managed to hire several defectors from Atari, and began advertising itself as a competitor. In reality, Kee Games was a wholly owned subsidiary of Atari, created in response to the pinball and arcade distributors of the time who demanded exclusivity deals. Kee Games released several "clones" of Atari games, allowing Atari to "exclusively" sell games to two distributors at once.

In December 1974, the relationship to Atari was discovered by the public. However, Kee's Tank game had been so successful that the distributors wanted to buy the game even without an exclusivity agreement. At the same time, Atari was having financial and management problems, while Joe Keenan had been very successful managing Kee Games. The two companies merged, with Keenan promoted to president of Atari running the business side of things, and Bushnell focusing on engineering. Atari continued to use the "Kee Games" label to release some of their games until 1978, but from the merger on, the games were clearly labelled "a wholly owned subsidiary of Atari, Inc.".


  • Elimination (October 1973) — cloned by Atari's Quadrapong
  • Spike (March 1974) — a clone of Atari's Rebound, with an extra button labeled "spike"
  • Formula K (April 1974) — a clone of Atari's Gran Trak 10
  • Twin Racer (July 1974) — a clone of Atari's Gran Trak 20
  • Tank (November 1974) — an original game that became very popular
trademark used after 1974


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