Saskatchewan Highway 16A

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Highway 16A
Eastern Highway 16A
Length: 5 km (3 mi)
Southeast end: Hwy 16, Hwy 9, and Hwy 10 at Yorkton
Hwy 9 at Yorkton
Northwest end: Hwy 16 near Yorkton
Western Highway 16A
Length: 6 km (4 mi)
Southeast end: Hwy 16 and Hwy 4 at North Battleford
Hwy 4, Hwy 29, and Hwy 40 at Battleford
Northwest end: Hwy 16, Hwy 4, and Hwy 40 at Battleford
Orkney RM
Major cities: Yorkton, North Battleford
Highway system
Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Highway 16A is the name given to two highways in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Eastern Highway 16A[edit]

The eastern Highway 16A is located in the city of Yorkton. It is about 5 km (3 mi.) long.

Intersections from southeast to northwest[edit]

Municipality km from southeastern end Intersecting Roads
Continues southward as Highway 16 and Highway 9
Yorkton 0 Highway 16/Highway 9/Highway 10 (start)
km 0: Begin concurrency with Highway 9
Yorkton 2 York Road East/Highway 9
km 2: End concurrency with Highway 9
As York Road East
Yorkton 3 Gladstone Avenue North
As York Road West
Yorkton 4 Crescent Avenue (Range Road 2043)
Orkney RM 5 Highway 16 (end)
Continues westward as Highway 16

Western Highway 16A[edit]

The western Highway 16A is located in North Battleford and Battleford. It is about 6 km (4 mi.) long. It is not presently possible to drive the complete length of this road, however, as the river crossing via Finlayson Island is closed to vehicular traffic - bikes and pedestrians only.

Intersections from east to west[edit]

Municipality km from eastern end Intersecting Roads
Continues northward as Battleford Road
North Battleford 0 Highway 16/Highway 40 (start)
As Poundmaker Trail
North Battleford 2 Riverside Drive
km 2: Bridge over the North Saskatchewan River and Finlayson Island (closed to vehicular traffic)
As 24th Street
Battleford 3 35th Street
As 22nd Street
Battleford 4 Highway 4/Highway 29/Highway 40
km 4: Begin concurrency with Highway 4 and Highway 40
Battleford 5 35th Street West
Battleford 6 Highway 16/Highway 4/Highway 40 (end)
km 6: End concurrency with Highway 4 and Highway 40
Continues northward as Highway 16/Highway 4/Highway 40