Saskatchewan Highway 21

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Highway 21 shield

Highway 21
Route information
Length: 722 km (449 mi)
Major junctions
South end: S-233 near Willow Creek
North end: Hwy 919 / Hwy 950 in Meadow Lake Provincial Park
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Hwy 20 Hwy 22

Highway 21 is a highway in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It runs from Montana Secondary Highway 233 at the United States border near Willow Creek to Highway 950/Highway 919 within the Meadow Lake Provincial Park. Highway 21 is about 722 km (449 mi.) long.

Highway 21 passes through the major communities of Maple Creek, Kindersley, Kerrobert, and Unity. Highway 21 intersects three major western Saskatchewan highways: Highway 1, Highway 7, and Highway 16.

Highway 21 has average annual daily traffic (AADT) of 500 vehicles a day and truck traffic is 30% of this total. Unity has two inland grain terminals. The oil and gas industry is also active in this area.[1]


In 1999 the granular pavement section of Highway 21 north of Kerrobert was tested with a cold in-place recycling or “CIR” method to rehabilitate highways. This CIR process is a cost-effective method which recycles the top surface of a road. This pulverized material is mixed with asphalt emulsion and spread and compacted back onto the highway surface. This surface is then recovered with a new seal dependent on traffic volume.[2]


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