Secret Recipe (Buckethead DVD)

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Secret Recipe
Secret Recipe (Buckethead DVD).jpg
Video by Buckethead
Released 2005
Genre Avant-garde music, Heavy Metal, Rock, Funk metal, Experimental
Length 3:00:00
Label Shriek Show
Buckethead chronology
Secret Recipe
Young Buckethead Vol. 1
(2006)Young Buckethead Vol. 12006

Secret Recipe is a two-disc DVD set by the musician Buckethead, containing a compilation of video and music clips, photos, artwork and concert footage documenting the guitarist's first 13 years as a performer.[1]

The bulk of the DVD's content consists of newly released footage, including early home movies, and various video clips previously released on Buckethead's Binge Video series. Also included are songs and demos that had not been released before, such as "Brazos" (later circulated as "Tribal Rites" on the Deli Creeps demo tape) which had won second place in a Guitar Magazine contest, and the song "Count Scapula" (later reconstructed into the song "Disembodied Part 2" from the 2008 album From the Coop).



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