Seirin Barbara Kohn

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Seirin Barbara Kohn
Seirin Barbara Kohn.jpg
Religion Zen Buddhism
School Sōtō
Senior posting
Based in Austin Zen Center
Title Sensei
Religious career

Seirin Barbara Kohn is a Soto Zen sensei and head priest of The Austin Zen Center (AZC) in Austin, Texas, practicing in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki. She was ordained as a Soto priest by Reb Anderson and received Dharma transmission from Zenkei Blanche Hartman—Kohn being Hartman's first Dharma heir. The Austin Zen Center's temple name, Zenkei-ji, is named after Blanche Hartman. Kohn became head priest and resident teacher of AZC on October 13, 2002. Before assuming her leadership of AZC, Kohn served as President of the San Francisco Zen Center. Kohn is a supporter of LGBT rights, having been known to offer "commitment ceremonies" for same-sex couples, stating, "I simply treat them all the same."[1][2][3][1]

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