Spain national football team results (1920–29)

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Those are all the matches played by the Spanish national football team between 1920 and 1929:


S.O. Summer Olympics
W.C. FIFA World Cup
EURO UEFA European Football Championship
CC Confederations Cup
TB Tie-break match
Q Qualification rounds
R + number Round number
FR Final Round
GS Group Stage
1/16 Round of 32
1/8 Round of 16
QF Quarter-final
SF Semi-final
F Final
RP Repechage
Rep. Replay match
3rd-4th Third place match


32 matches played:[1]


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  2. ^ The final's losers, Czechoslovakia, were disqualifyied after their defeat against Belgium because of political motives, so the third qualified in the Summer Olympics became the second one, and the fourth qualified became third.