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I Spy is a stop-motion television series that aired on the HBO Family digital cable television channel and Qubo in the United States from April 2003 to January 2004, based on the popular children's book series drawn and written by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick. Produced by The Ink Tank and Scholastic, the show lasted for 1 season and 26 episodes.

Episode format[edit]

The episode starts off with Spyler (who had a tennis ball head and button-shaped feet) and CeCe (who looked as though she was made of blocks) trying to find something to do. When they find something, they discover that they need different items. Duck arrives and gives Spyler and CeCe four (or sometimes three) items to find, which she says in a rhyme. Spyler and CeCe then start searching for the items. After each item is found they sing their "Whoop! We Found It!" song. Duck arrives again and tells them what they have found and what they need to find in rhyme. Spyler also calls for Wheeler to take their stuff home. After all the items are found, Spyler and CeCe do their activity/task. They always find a use for every item.


  • Spyler – Spyler is one of the main characters in the cartoon I Spy. He is a plasticine model, similar to Wallace and Gromit, with a tennis ball head and buttons for feet. In every episode of I-Spy, Spyler and CeCe find four items that are in every riddle the Duck gives, thus beginning to play the game I spy. The items they find are used for a certain purpose, such as getting rid of CeCe's hiccups in "I Spy a Tick-illy Hiccup", or building a robot in "I Spy a Runaway Robot". While playing I spy, when they find an item Spyler and CeCe sing their "Found It" song. Sometimes, when they are carrying several large items like blankets, Spyler and CeCe call for Wheeler, their red truck, to carry these items. Also, they eat pie.
Gender: Male
Voiced by: Tara Sands
  • CeCe – CeCe is Spyler's best friend. She is Spyler's pet dog. Like Spyler, she is made of plasticine. She talks, like Spyler. She has jokes for Spyler when they are around things that are in the game and they are around things that are not in the game and they are around what they use for a purpose and they are around and in places where the things in the game are.
Gender: Female
Voiced by: Ellen Lee
  • Duck – Duck is Spyler and Cece's friend. She is a rubber duck on wheels who gives out things to find for Spyler and Cece.
Gender: Female
Voiced by: Cindy Creekmore
  • Wheeler – Wheeler is a big red dump truck. He is called upon every so often to bring things they can use for finding objects.
Gender: Male
Voiced by: Joanna Ferner
  • The Domino leader – He is the Leader of the Dominos who wears a moustache in the front.
Gender: Male
Voiced by: Big Al
  • The Big Mumble Monster – A monster that was found in the forest
Gender: Male
Voiced by: Big Al

Episode guide[edit]

Season 1[edit]

  1. I Spy a Thing that Flings
  2. I Spy a Tick-illy Hiccup
  3. I Spy a Runaway Robot
  4. I Spy a Starry Sky
  5. I Spy a Mumble Monster Mystery
  6. I Spy Home Run Fun
  7. I Spy a Mumble Monster Mid-Day Snack
  8. I Spy a Rockin' Bronco
  9. I Spy a Bird I Heard
  10. I Spy an Out of Luck Truck
  11. I Spy a Campfire Night Light
  12. I Spy a Mumble Monster Picture Day
  13. I Spy a Bike I Like

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