St. Francis' Institution

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St. Francis' Institution
Institusi St. Francis
Smksf crest.png
Parameswara Road
Malacca Centre
Malacca City, Malacca, 75000
Type All-boys primary and secondary school
Motto Latin: Age quod agis
(Do what you are doing)
Religious affiliation(s) Christian
Denomination Roman Catholic Church
Established 1880[citation needed]
Principal Lee Chee Choon (2014-Current)
Grades Standard 1 - 6
Form 1 - 6
Gender Male
Co-educational (Form 6)
Enrolment approx. 1200
Campus Urban
Colour(s) Green and White
Yearbook The Franciscan
Feeder schools SK St. Francis, Malacca
SMK St. Francis, Malacca
Saint Francis Institution.JPG

Saint Francis' Institution (Malay: Institusi Saint Francis; abbreviated SFI) is a public all-boys school in Malacca, Malaysia with La Sallian tradition. It is called 'SFI' by the local population. Alumni, or Old Boys, are known as 'Franciscans' or 'Lasallians'.

School Crest[edit]

The School Badge is an emblem that incorporates a star, an armorial bearing, the Famosa Gate, and an open book, to show respectively the School’s association with the De La Salle Order; its connection with its Patron, St. Francis Xavier; its location in the most historic town in Malaysia; and its purpose which is education.

The badge is a shield with four quarters.

In the top left-hand quarter is a gold star on a black background. The top right-hand quarter has three parallel divisions arranged horizontally. The top division is coloured red, the middle one is a chess-board pattern with alternating squares of black and white, and the lowest division is plain white or silver. On the red back-ground of the top division there are three crescents, so arranged that the points of the horns coincide, and while the top and lowest crescents have alternating squares of black and white, the middle crescent has a white, or silver colour. This heraldic device of horizontal divisions and crescent was the coat-of-arms of the Castle of Xavier, the ancestral home of St. Francis.In the quarter beneath the star is the design of the Famosa Gate, an historical Malacca ruin, and the Gate is coloured red, the original colour of the laterite from which the gate was constructed.In the last quarter is an open book, yellowish green in colour on a black background, and showing the words ‘Initium Sapientiae’ meaning ‘The beginning of wisdom’.

Above the shield is a helmet surmounted by a cross on three steps, and a mantle, of gold and brown leaves, hangs front the helmet to provide a decoration for the shield. Beneath the shield is the motto ‘Age Quod Agis’ which is the best translated as ‘Whatever You Do, Do It Well’.

SFI logo topleft.gif
SFI logo topright.gif
SFI logo bottomleft.gif
SFI logo bottomright.gif
Description Reflect the symbol of hope, hardworking and courage. This heraldic device of horizontal divisions and crescent was the coat-of-arms of the Castle of Xavier, the ancestral home of St. Francis. Historical ruin of Malacca when the school began in 1880. (Latin) : The word "Initium Sapientiae" written on the book means "Beginning of Wisdom".

List of Brother Directors[edit]

  • 1902 - 1903 : Bro. Maurice Joseph
  • 1903 - 1911 : Bro. Alman Dositheus
  • 1911 - 1915 : Bro. Lewis Edward
  • 1915 - 1916 : Bro. Claude-Marie
  • 1916 - 1918 : Bro. Lewis Edward
  • 1918 - 1920 : Bro. V. Augustus
  • 1920 - 1921 : Bro. Lewis Edward
  • 1921 - 1923 : Bro. Claude-Marie
  • 1923 - 1929 : Bro. Barnitus Kennedy
  • 1930 - 1931 : Bro. Defendant Louis
  • 1931 - 1936 : Bro. Dominic John
  • 1936 - 1947 : Bro. V. Augustus
  • 1948 - 1953 : Bro. Edmund McCullagh
  • 1953 - 1956 : Bro. T. Michael
  • 1956 - 1956 : Bro. Patrick Donovan
  • 1956 - 1958 : Bro. Leonard Aloysius
  • 1959 - 1962 : Bro. Alban De Rozario
  • 1962 - 1966 : Bro. Anthony McNamara
  • 1967 - 1968 : Bro. Edwin Cheng
  • 1969 - 1971 : Bro. Phillip Daly
  • 1972 - 1976 : Bro. Cassian Pappu
  • 1977 - 1988 : Bro. Harold Reynolds
  • 1988 – Present : Bro. Ambrose Loke

List of Principals[edit]

  • 2000 - 2009  : Mr. Ong Chong Wee
  • 2009 - 2011  : Mdm. Chong Chew Yoong (Acting Principal)
  • 2011 - 2014  : Mr. Lee Bun Chuan
  • 2014 - Present  : Mr. Lee Chee Choon

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