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Sungai Petani
سوڠاي ڤتاني
Official logo of Sungai Petani
Nickname(s): SP
Sungai Petani is located in Malaysia
Sungai Petani
Sungai Petani
Location in Malaysia
Coordinates: 5°39′N 100°30′E / 5.650°N 100.500°E / 5.650; 100.500Coordinates: 5°39′N 100°30′E / 5.650°N 100.500°E / 5.650; 100.500
Country Malaysia
State Kedah
 • Yang DiPertua Abdul Rashid bin Othman. SDK., AMK., BCK.
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 443,458
Time zone MST (UTC+8)
 • Summer (DST) Not observed (UTC)
Postcode 08xxx

Sungai Petani (abbreviated Sg. Petani or SP; Chinese: 双溪大年) is a town in the Kuala Muda district and heart town for the state of Kedah, in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. This Central Kedah town is about 55 km south of Alor Setar, the competing town here in Malaysia compete with the capital city of Kedah, and about 360 km only to Kuala Lumpur.[2][3] Sungai Petani is also currently being the largest town in Kedah taken Alor Setar as population stated. Sungai Petani became an industrialised city in 1990 with Japanese factories and foreign companies during its first establishment. Sungai Petani with multiracial and multicultural community makes the town so unique in term of food, culture, religious building and mixed community.

The Sultan' namae teacher training college is opens in Sungai Petani here. Sungai Petani is also called Central Kedah district.


Sungai Petani has a high and medium-sized business community. A lot of small and medium industry also play a part in the local economy, producing many products, from semiconductors to television tubes and from textile to wood products. One of the examples is Sharp. Sungai Petani is also a booming business center with many large malls, franchise stores and business enclaves.

Sungai Petani has many malls and shopping centers such as Amanjaya Mall, Central Square, Village Mall, Lagenda Height Tesco, Sungai Petani North Tesco, Sungai Petani South Tesco, Giant Hypermarket, Econsave, Billion, Sp Plaza and Parkson.


KTM Class 93 depart from Sungai Petani railway station

Sungai Petani railway station served rail services such as KTM ETS, a higher speed rail service connecting major cities in Malaysia, also local commuter-rail service such KTM Komuter connecting major town in Penang, Kedah, and Perlis. Long-distance bus service also available nearby the station in UTC Sungai Petani to accommodate public transportation services. Local bus service also operated by City Liner, Mara Liner and Rapid Penang with air-conditioner bus service. The nearest airport is Penang International Airport. Sungai Petani also served by North-South Expressway, to connect the town with major cities in Malaysia. Sungai Merbok jetty also served season Langkawi ferry services connecting Sungai Petani directly to the Langkawi Island without transit to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis ports.

The nearest airport is the Penang International Airport on Penang Island. Another alternative airport is the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, Alor Star (the state capital of Kedah).

Services and Amenities[edit]


Sungai Petani has various health amenities such as the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital, a USD150-million hospital, and various private medical facilities. It is one of the most high-tech hospitals in Malaysia with Total Hospital Information System. The Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital was handed over by the Public Works Department to the Health Ministry on July 23, 2006. It is a 498-bed hospital which provides secondary and tertiary specialist services.

The hospital provides laparoscopic gynaecology operations. It is a recognized training center for gynaecologists in this field. It is also a center for thoracic surgery for the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. This hospital is a training hospital for a local private medical university, AIMST University.

There are also two private hospitals in Sungai Petani: the Metro Specialist Hospital and Hospital Pantai Utara.



The District Education Department in Sungai Petani administers two districts of Kuala Muda and Yan with the highest number of primary and secondary schools in the state of Kedah.

Sungai Petani hosts a large number of reputable schools such as the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ibrahim,[4] and Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mohamad Jiwa.

Other schools include Convent Father Barre (Primary and Secondary), Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bakar Arang, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Khir Johari, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Sungai Petani, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Ismail, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Pasir and Sekolah Menengah Teknik Sungai Petani 1 & 2.

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Amanjaya, Sg. Lalang (6 km north of Sungai Petani) and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bedong (7.5 km north of Sungai Petani) is the most crowded school in Kedah state and second most crowded school in the country.[citation needed]

SRJK(T) Saraswathi is also one of the premier[citation needed] Tamil primary schools in Kedah. Recently the school celebrated its 85th anniversary.

Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Sin Min and its Chinese primary school counterpart, SJK(C) Sin Min, are both also famous nationally for their academic performance. There is also a well established Chinese primary school called SJK(C) Sin Kwang which was built at the year of independence.

There is also a Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Merbok (MRSM) in Merbok about 11 km northwest of Sungai Petani.


AIMST University

The AIMST University, (the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology), was previously in Amanjaya. In April 2007, the university moved to its new futuristic Semeling campus. The university offers a variety of professional courses, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, materials technology, engineering, and computer science and information technology.

Universiti Teknologi Mara has a branch campus at Merbok, Sungai Petani. Universiti Utara Malaysia also has a branch campus here.

Other government institutions with campuses in Sungai Petani include Institusi Kemahiran Malaysia (IKM). Ten minutes from Sungai Petani town, Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Sultan Abdul Halim (IPG KSAH) is an institution set up by the government to provide teaching courses for trainee teachers.

One of the country's fastest growing private universities, the Open University Malaysia (OUM) Regional Learning Center for the state of Kedah and Perlis are also in Sungai Petani. There are also private colleges like PTPL College and Cosmopoint College offering a variety of courses.

The Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) is a private university operating from two campuses in Kedah and one of them is in Sungai Petani.


Sungai Petani offers high potential of growth in tourism industry specifically in Historic Themes, Ecotourism and Aqua sports. The district of Kuala Muda, in which Sungai Petani is, has the 2nd largest mangrove area in the country. Ecotourism is now in continuous development. From Sungai Emas to Bukit Meriam, Bujang/Merbok, Pulau Tiga and Kota Kuala Muda one can trace the path of Kedah ancient capitals.

Pulau Tiga, near Laguna Merbok was once the location of His Highness Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin's palace and his headquarters after being defeated and drove away by the Siamese in the Battle for Kuala Kedah Fort in the 18th. century. For not so long after, the Siamese attacked the new palace and razed it down. The Sultan escaped to Penang and then Malacca. Kedah was then broken into several administrative territories and ruled by respective Siamese Military Governors. A few years later, after a peace negotiation, the Siamese agreed to re-install His Highness as the Sultan of Kedah with a new throne at the Kuala Muda Fort. The smaller territories were then merged back as Kedah state with the military governors replaced by a Siamese Resident Advisor.

The present military camp was a RAF Aerodrome during the WWII and was heavily bombed by the Japanese Airforce on the first day of the invasion of Malaya. The 6th. Brigade (Army) was historically full of military exploits/combats/battles during the Communist Insurgency in the 1970s. There are a large numbers of military cemeteries of Ghurkas' and Commenwealth soldiers. There are a numbers of fallen heroes during the insurgency that came from this command. One was the downing of a Nuri helicopter by the rebels near the Thai border that killed more than a dozen soldiers. The communists had ceased all hostilities since 1989, when a peace treaty with the Malaysian government was signed.

The military camp also is the headquarters of the 19th. Royal Malay Regiments with war records such as the famous Black Hawk Downs battle in Mogadishu, Somalia. They helped rescued the surrounded US soldiers with one casualty of their own Regiment members.

The present District Police Headquarters was the headquarters/camp of the Police Field Force Battalion during the insurgency. The paramilitary police too has their shares of fallen heroes during the insurgency.

The bloody legend of Raja Bersiong (the King with Fangs) whom was believed to be one of the rulers of ancient Kedah was originated from the Lembah Bujang (or Bujangha in Sanskrit = Big Snake = Dragon), one of the 2 valleys (Lembah Muda is the other) that covers half of the Sungai Petani surrounding landscape. The other half is the highland of Gunung Jerai. There are two major rivers Sungai Merbok and Sungai Muda that are suitable for aquasport. There are also abandoned open mining/quarry pools that are suitable for water tourism. Gunung Jerai offers an abundance of waterfalls.

Clock Tower[edit]

The major of Sungai Petani is a clock tower on the main street, Jalan Ibrahim. The clock tower was built in 1936. It is 12.1 m in height. It is topped by a dome-shaped and gold coloured structure. The tower was a present from Lim Lean Teng to George V and Queen Mary to commemorate the Silver Jubilee.

Clock Tower in 1990
Clock Tower in 2010


Sungai Petani is also known for its green lungs and attractions. In the heart of the town is the Jubli Perak (Silver Jubilee) public park and also Bird Park. There are more than five golf courses around Sungai Petani, as well as various streams, rivers and lakes.


The Swiss Inn Hotel[5] (owned by Swiss-Garden International Hotels, Resorts & Inns) is on the north of Sungai Petani. Conveniently about 5 minutes from the North Sungai Petani tol. Besides that, another popular hotel in Sungai Petani is the Park Avenue Hotel[6] which is about 5 minutes from the South Sungai Petani tol. Also in the same area are the Emerald Puteri Hotel [7] and Northern Lodge Hotel. D'vista Hotel and Amanpura Hotel[8] (formerly known as SP Inn) is in the heart of Sungai Petani town, its strategic location makes it walking distance to various places such as Central Square and the local bus station. The Seri Malaysia Hotel Sungai Petani opposite the Sungai Petani railway station, which is nearby to the town as well.

SP Club[edit]

The Sungai Petani Club (SP Club) is a meeting and recreational venue for the residents of Sungai Petani.[9] In the middle of the town, it is the oldest golf club in the State of Kedah, having been established in 1922 by British planters. The unique colonial facade and antique wooden interiors of the clubhouse would render it as a heritage site in Sungai Petani. The 9-hole golf course covering 40 acres (160,000 m2) of prime land provides green space to balance the rapid pace of development of the town with environmental conservation.

Cinta Sayang Golf & Country Resort[edit]

Cinta Sayang Golf & Country Resort[10] is only 30 minutes from Penang and Kedah’s capital, Alor Setar. Its strategic location gives the Resort an advantage as a tour and shopping agent to Penang, Langkawi and Hat Yai. Cinta Sayang Golf & Country Resort was an 18-hole golf course with only 50-room chalets. Throughout the years, with constant development and upgrading, the Resort is now a proud 4-star golf resort, awarded by the Minister of Tourism Malaysia.

Gunung Jerai[edit]

In the northern part of the town, about 30 kilometres away, is the famous Gunung Jerai. Gunung Jerai is 1,217 metres from the sea level. This is the tallest mountain in the northern region and is surrounded by a vast jungle. It is a navigational point for ships entering the Straits of Malacca from the north because it is visible from far. There is an 18 km trekking route to the top of the mountain through a winding road. Atop the Jerai is a resort and the mountain boasts some tall and cooling waterfalls. Historically, the Jerai mountain served as the navigational point for traders from the east and west. There was a Hindu temple on top of the mountain that was built nearly a thousand years ago during the Bujang Valley Hindu Civilization.[11]

The Carnivall[edit]

The Carnivall is a newly opened water park in Sungai Petani within the grounds of Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort. With an entrance fee of MYR 30.00 for adults and MYR 24.00 for children[12] on weekends. The Carnivall is the first water park in Kedah. It was opened on 25 December 2006. Weekdays rates are cheaper than weekend rates, and the good accessibility of the place makes it one of the most well known attractions in Sungai Petani.

Pantai Merdeka[edit]

The only beach in mainland Kedah, it is a major attraction for beach goers from all over mainland Penang and Kedah State. Various accommodation is available for rent to experience the beach and other attractions in the area which includes harvesting Kepah, Siput Kemudi and Kerang (local seafood) in Kampung Tepi Sungai, Kota Kuala Muda, Pantai Merdeka itself and also at Pulau Sayak. Pantai Merdeka is also a gateway to island activities in small islands called Pulau Bidan and Pulau Telor which are a few minutes boat ride away. These areas are good for fishing and its beaches. In addition to that Kota Kuala Muda has an old fort used to be the fort of the Raja Muda of Kedah during its time. There is also an archeology site in Kota Kuala Muda where precious stones panning were done few hundred years ago.

Tanjung Dawai[edit]

Tanjung Dawai is a place which is known as a seafood spot in Sungai Petani. It is 30 minutes from Sungai Petani. It has about twenty seafood restaurants. Because of availability of seafood and competition, fine cuisine is available at prices lower most other similar areas - with a dinner for 10-12 people costing around MYR 100.00.

Sri Subramaniya Swami Devasthanam Temple[edit]

Sri Subramaniya Swami Devasthanam temple in Jalan Kuala Ketil is a 97 year old temple. The temple was built by philanthropist Sri Annaasamy Pillai, in 1914. The temple, held its first "Maha Kumbhabhishekam" (part of the consecration ceremony in a Hindu temple) in 1924. It has a majestic looking monumental tower, or "Raja Goburam", at the entrance. The temple has 70-year-old wooden chariot, bearing the statue of Lord Muruga. Thaipusam is celebrated grandly every year with 10 days of Ubayam and 3 days of offering milk pots and kavadis. Around 6000 milk pots and 700 Kavadis are carried by devotees from local and other states.

Shopping Places[edit]

There are few shopping centre which highly visited by local residents showed as following; Parkson (Developed roughly 20 years ago inside Petani Parade), Central Square, Village Mall (Operated since 2008), SP Plaza and Billion. There are four hypermarket developed for residents convenience which include Tesco Hypermarket (Tesco Sungai Petani and Tesco Sungai Petani Selatan), Giant Hypermarket and Econsave. Furthermore, Sungai Petani is a shopper's haven for textiles and traditional gold jewellery.


Currently, there are three cinemas, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) Amanjaya Mall, Central Square MBO Cinemas and Village Mall Grand Cineplex, that are operating at Sungai Petani. GSC Central Square is a three-screen cinema on the fifth floor of Central Square, one of the famous shopping complexes at Sungai Petani, while the newly opened Grand Cineplex is a four-screen cineplex on level two of the Village Mall. The seating capacity of GSC Central Square and Grand Cineplex are 666 and 680 respectively.[13][14] Before February 2010, the only place to watch a movie was GSC Central Square as it was the only one that has been operating since 1997.[13] Grand Cineplex Village Mall is near Tesco Sungai Petani, Lagenda Heights, which is at the northern part of Sungai Petani that is growing rapidly at the moment. The opening of Grand Cineplex on 2010 provides patrons with another choice on where to watch a movie at Sungai Petani. It is undeniable that it is more convenient and time-saving to those who stay at the northern part of the Sungai Petani as they do not need to travel all the way to the middle of the Sungai Petani town where Central Square is.



Sungai Petani is known for its Nasi Kandar and Mee Goreng Mamak which is an Indian Muslim cuisine which is loved by the locals. Sungai Petani also has various selection of franchise restaurant and cafe which is 6 KFC outlets, 3 Pizza Hut outlets, 1 McDonald's, 1 A&W Restaurants, 2 Secret Recipe, 1 Starbucks Coffee and several kopitiams including Old Town White Coffee and Station 1 Cafe.[15] Besides that Radixs outlets, including Radix Fried Chicken and Radix Orientals Cuisine which worth a special mention for value for money in all aspects. There are also Thai Cuisine style restaurants.

  • Restoran Mesra Jaya
  • Restaurant 398 Thai Food, Taman Intan.
  • Restaurant Choon Nam, Taman Sejati Indah.
  • Restaurant Yet Lai Siang, Taman Pekan Lama.
  • Restaurant Chiang Mai Seafood, Taman Kenari.
  • Restaurant Taj Mahal, Lagenda Indah.
  • Chennai Curry House, Legenda Heights.
  • Restaurant Istana, Bandar Laguna Merbok.
  • Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant.
  • Nasi Kandar Pelita Samudera Pertama.
  • Restaurant Mae Salong, Kampung Bakar Bata.
  • Nasi Kandar Hussain, Pekan Baru.
  • Restoran Saraa, Padang Temusu.

Bujang Valley[edit]

The Bujang Valley or Lembah Bujang, sometimes referred to as the Ancient Wonder of Kedah, is a rich historical site covering an area of about 400sq. km in Merbok (17 km from Sungai Petani), bounded by Bukit Coras (Choras Hill) and Gunung Jerai. This archaeological area was the site of an ancient Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that ruled the region from the 4th century AD. There is also an archaeological museum here which is known as The Lembah Bujang Archaeological Museum.[16] This museum displays more than 2,500 artifacts from Malaysia's earliest civilization that have been unearthed from the surrounding excavation sites. Gold, gems, ceramics, Hindu gods and beautiful Buddha stone statues dating from the third to 14th centuries are all on display, though its main feature is Chandi Bukit Batu Pahat, a reconstructed temple built to worship the Hindu god Shiva.

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