St. James's Bridge

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St. James's Bridge in 2009
St. James's Bridge in 1836

St. James's Bridge (Slovene: Šentjakobski most) in Ljubljana is the bridge that crosses the Ljubljanica on the southern end of the Ljubljana downtown, next to the Zois Manor. It links Zois Street (Zoisova cesta) and Karlovec Street (Karlovška cesta). The most important city traffic artery across the Ljubljanica runs on it.[1]

A wooden bridge was constructed at this place in 1824, later than other bridges of the period, and was therefore for a long time called the New Bridge. In 1915, it was replaced by a reinforced concrete corbel bridge by the engineer Alois Král and the architect Alfred Keller. It was described by the art historian Damjan Prelovšek as a "monumental neo-Biedermeier architectural language of late-Secession Vienna."[2]

Since 1954, there is a plaque with an inscription about a 15th-century town watermill, which caused damage to farmers and was destroyed in the 1515 peasant revolt, on the bridge.[3] Four bronze relief plaques depicting scenes from The Water Man, a Ljubljana-related Romantic ballad of the poet France Prešeren, were intended to be put on the fence of the bridge.[4] However, this has been never realised.[5]


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