Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

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Stockyard Hill Wind Farm
Stockyard Hill Wind Farm is located in Australia
Stockyard Hill Wind Farm
Location of Stockyard Hill Wind Farm in Australia
Coordinates 37°32′9″S 143°15′5″E / 37.53583°S 143.25139°E / -37.53583; 143.25139Coordinates: 37°32′9″S 143°15′5″E / 37.53583°S 143.25139°E / -37.53583; 143.25139
Power generation
Units operational 157
Nameplate capacity 547 MW

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm is a wind farm project being developed by Origin Energy. The proposed facility will have 157 wind turbines at a site approximately 35 km west of Ballarat between Beaufort and Skipton.[1] The forecast cost is $900 million ($950 million US dollars)[2] In December 2009, the original plan for 242 turbines, the plan was changed to only have 157 turbines. The Victorian minister of planning approved the 157 turbines, in October 2010.[3] In 2013 Origin contemplated selling the project before production would have begun, but decided to continue the project.[4]

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