Summer Rider

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"Summer Rider"
Summerrider cd.jpg
Single by Da Pump
Released July 15, 2009
Format CD Single, CD&DVD
Label Avex Tune
Da Pump singles chronology
"Christmas Night"
"Summer Rider"
"Christmas Night"
"'Summer Rider"'
Alternative cover
CD+DVD cover
CD+DVD cover

"Summer Rider" is Da Pump's 26th single on the avex tune label. It is the group's first single in three years and their first as a nine-member unit. It was released on July 15, 2009, in two formats, CD and CD+DVD. The single will contain three original songs including the title track, a dancable summer tune, and their instrumentals.[1] It will be used as the commercial song for Youfuku no Aoyama's Seiryou Suits campaign starting on May 25. First pressings of the CD+DVD version will come with a bonus movie. A listing on Amazon Japan, states that the still untitled second track on the single will be produced by Infinity 16.[2]

Track list[edit]


# Title Songwriters Time
1. "Summer Rider" Sasa, Ken
2. "Sweetin' ~La Di La Di~" Issa, Ken, Tela-C
3. "Thunder Party ~DP '09 Mix~" m.c.A.T, Akio Togashi, Ken
4. "Summer Rider (Instrumental)" Sasa
5. "Sweetin' ~La Di La Di~ (Instrumental)" Issa, Ken, Tela-C
6. "Thunder Party ~DP '09 Mix~ (Instrumental)" Akio Togashi


# Title
1. Summer Rider -Music Video-
2. Summer Rider -Bonus Dance Video- (First press only)

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