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Sunnyvale Trailer Park is the infamous fictional trailer park home of the characters of the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys. The park is currently owned by Randy lahey and is located somewhere on the outskirts of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

List of Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisors by Season[edit]

Season Trailer Park Supervisor Associate Trailer Park Supervisor Weekend Trailer Park Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor
1 Jim Lahey Randy
2 Randy (after episode 4)
3 Jim Lahey (until episode 8), Ricky (end of episode 9) Randy (until episode 8, suspended during episode 2) Ricky (episode 6 only)
4 Ricky (until episode 4), Jim Lahey (after episode 4) Bubbles (until episode 4), Randy (after episode 4)
5 Jim Lahey Randy
6 Randy (end of episode 1) Ray (end of episode 6)
7 Randy (until episode 2), Jim Lahey (at the end of episode 10) Ray (until episode 3), Jim Lahey (Presumed at the end of episode 10)
The Movie Jim Lahey Randy
8 Randy Don
9 Jim Lahey Leslie Dancer Randy
10 Randy


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