Sunnyvale Trailer Park

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Sunnyvale Trailer Park is the infamous fictional trailer park home of the characters of Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian TV series. The park is owned by John Paul Tremblay and is located somewhere on the outskirts of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

List of Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisors by Season[edit]

Season Trailer Park Supervisor Associate Trailer Park Supervisor Weekend Trailer Park Supervisor Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor
1 Jim Lahey Randy
2 Randy (after episode 2)
3 Jim Lahey (until episode 8), Ricky (end of episode 8) Randy (until episode 8, suspended during episode 2) Ricky (episode 2 only)
4 Ricky (until episode 4), Jim Lahey (after episode 4) Bubbles (until episode 4), Randy (after episode 4)
5 Jim Lahey Randy
6 Randy (end of episode 1) Ray (end of episode 6)
7 Randy (until episode 2), Jim Lahey (at the end of episode 10) Ray (until episode 3), Randy (Presumed at the end of episode 10)
The Movie Jim Lahey Randy
8 Randy Don
9 Jim Lahey Leslie Dancer Randy