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Super A'can
Manufacturer Funtech
Type Home video game console
Generation Fourth generation
Retail availability
  • TW: October 25, 1995
Media ROM cartridge
CPU Motorola 68000

The Super A'can is a home video game console that was released exclusively in Taiwan in 1995 by Funtech/Dunhuang Technology. Inside is a Motorola 68000, also used in the Sega Genesis and Neo Geo. Twelve games have been confirmed to exist for the system.

Commercial performance[edit]

The Super A'Can was a commercial failure. There are reasons why the Super A'Can flopped: its initial price cost was too expensive for consumers, and the A'Can was released as the 3D era had already started, which left no chance for it to compete with consoles like the PlayStation, the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Saturn, all of which were more powerful and offered 3D graphics. The A'Can had performed so poorly that Funtech lost USD$6 million before being defunct.[citation needed]

Technical specifications[edit]

The Super A'can uses a Motorola 68000 as its main processor
CPU Motorola 68000 clocked at 10.738635 MHz
Memory 256 KB SRAM clocked at CPU speed
Graphics UMC UM6618 with 128 KB VRAM displaying 256 out of a possible 32,768 colors at 320x240 resolution. Max sprite size of 256x256. Supports zooming, rotating, mosaic effects.
Audio UMC UM6619 outputting stereo 16-track PCM
Catridge Max size of 112Mb, with built-in SRAM of 16-64kb
Control pad inputs Two DE-9M (9-pin male D-connectors) on front of console, identical to those of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (though not compatible with Genesis/Mega Drive control pads)

List of games[edit]

# Serial number Title AKA title(s) Developer(s) Genre Release year
1 F008 African Adventures 1) Fēizhōu Tànxiǎn
2) Monopoly: Adventure in Africa
Panda Entertainment Puzzle 1995
2 F006 C.U.G. 1) Xī Yóujì
2) Journey to the Laugh
Funtech Platform 1995
3 F001 Formosa Duel Fú Ěr Mó Shā Dà Duìjué AV Artisan Puzzle 1995
4 F002 Sango Fighter Sānguózhì Wǔjiàng Zhēngbà Panda Entertainment Fighting 1995
5 F003 The Son of Evil Xié'è Zhīzǐ Funtech RPG 1995
6 F004 Speedy Dragon 1) Yīnsù Fēilóng
2) Sonic Dragon
AV Artisan Platform 1995
7 F005 Super Taiwanese Baseball League Chāojí Zhōnghuá Zhí Bàng Liánméng Quan Wei Technology/C&E Sports 1995
8 F011 Boom Zoo 1) Bào Bào Dòngwùyuán
2) Explosive Burst Zoo
Funtech Action 1996
9 F009 Gambling Lord Dǔ Bà Panda Entertainment/Funtech Mahjong 1996
10 F012 REBEL 1) Pàn Xīng
2) Rebel Star
Horng Shen Information Co., Ltd RPG 1996
11 F007 Super Dragon Force 1) Chāojí Guāngmíng Zhàn Shǐ
2) Super Light Saga: Dragon Force
Kingformation Co., Ltd. RPG 1996
12 F010 Magical Pool Mó Bàng Zhuàngqiú Funtech Sports 1996

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