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I assume people can't edit this because its about a well known historical person. More information about his Congressional service would be nice. I looked him up in Dr. Keith Poole's common-space NOMINATE scores where he's listed initially as a Jacksonian and later as an anti-Jacksonian, and scores at 1st Dimension (economic) 0.064, making him moderate-conservative economically. As well as .784 in the second dimension, which means he was pretty strongly aligned with the South regionally, which could represent pro-bimetallism or pro-slavery views.

In a modern-context, the 2nd dimension has largely broken down, so we typically only look at the 1st dimension for current members, but in Crockett's era, the 2nd dimension was a very important voting alignment. My guess is that Crockett's shift from Jacksonian to anti-Jacksonian reflects his opposition to the Indian Removal Act and Jackson's genocidal policies towards Native Americans.

Links to consider.

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Tennessee River?[edit]

No, Crockett's businesses weren't destroyed because of a Tennessee River flood. Lawrenceburg is nowhere where the Tennessee River, which divides Tennessee well west of there then flows into Alabama before combing back into East Tennessee. Lawrenceburg is located on what is now called Shoal Creek and it was that creek that flooded and wiped out his business. ~~ — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:37, 19 September 2015 (UTC)

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