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Divorce and remarriage dates[edit]

Article currently [1] reads in part Lucette Aldous married Maurice Evelyn Forbes Fitzmaurice, a barrister, in 1960. They divorced in 1973.[1] She later married fellow artist Alan Alder. The reference is to a peerage site A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe; Presumably the first husband has some claim to nobility, and it does indeed give the date of the divorce as 1973.

However, the article on Alan Alder currently [2] reads in part He married fellow artist Lucette Aldous in 1972. This is supported by many other websites, for example So I said to Alan, "You won't mind escorting me?", Not at all." Rudy said, "This is the company that must be seen in America doing 'Don Quixote'." So that's when we actually did 56 'Don Quixotes' in America. As the tour went on, that's when Alan proposed to me and we got married in 1972. It was very exciting coming home to a special position in The Australian Ballet. 1972, that's when, again, Sir Robert did so much homework. The film industry was at its peak, financially. So we proposed it, he got the money and he landed the film 'Don Quixote'. This was said in the presence of both husband Alan and their daughter Floeur, so unless there's a transcription error it's likely correct! reads in part Alder married fellow dancer Lucette Aldous in 1972.

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Other sources:

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Name of daughter[edit]

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