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Lindsay's paintings[edit]

This is an awful presentation of Lindsay! While it notes his huge output, it basically portrays him as an artist only producing war propaganda illustrations. Lindsay was famous / infamous in Australia when I grew up because of his nudes, but his work was admitted as being fabulous, even by his critics. He was a one of the few 'art nouveau' painters in Australia. Perhaps this 'biography' of Lindsay was specifically chosen to keep the 'wowsers' happy?


This site[1] says

"In December 1930 'Art in Australia' had published a special Norman Lindsay number, a great honour for any artist. By June 1931, despite the Great Depression, five thousand copies had been sold at 3s 6d. After a member of the public lodged a complaint, however, the police raided the office of 'Art in Australia' and seized all the blocks and remaining copies. A summons was issued against Art in Australia Ltd to answer charges of having been concerned in the issue of an obscene publication. Self Portrait was the main reason for police action. Perhaps the good fathers of officialdom (who had never previously taken action when Art in Australia published female nudes) were unable to accept the explicit representation of the main male nude in the etching. When the case finally came to court it was dismissed by the magistrate, but the whole affair left Norman with a permanent fear of police action. Thirteen days after the summons was dismissed, Norman and Rose left for America."

The entry says nothing about this. The implication is that he lived in the USA for the rest of his life. Did he return, and if so when? Where did he die? --Hugh7 (talk) 10:30, 30 May 2013 (UTC)


Not only was he a highly talented boxer, he also supported himself at various times by being paid as a sparring partner. I have restored the passage to the article. Lindsay658 21:25, 19 September 2007 (UTC)