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New additions[edit]

The Yogscast have recently announced that BebopVox (aka: Keith Steinbach - [Wiki article 1] ), Pyrion Flax (aka: Ted - [Wiki article 2] ), and FyreUK (aka: Matthew Needler and Phil - [Wiki article 3] ) have officially joined the Yogscast team. These people should be added to the members list and timeline. Also, Gamechap and Bertie should be removed from the members list, as they are no longer part of the Yogscast [Wiki article 4] .

Yogscast has a primary base of toddlers and preteens Couchboys 12345 (talk) 20:40, 17 March 2018 (UTC)

New Members[edit]

Yogscast Anant has briefly been doing videos

New Music Minecraft Video[edit]

The YOGScast has released a new video titled "♪ Diggy Diggy Hole" on the YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon (BlueXephos) channel. May someone add that in?

Also, considering that the MoonQuest music video is an original, and isn't considered a parody, I suggest you rename the section "Minecraft music parodies" to "Minecraft music videos".

Edit request - spelling[edit]

"the Yogscast team started yet another charity drive called ‘Dwarven Diary Drive’." - under the headline 'Charity initiatives';
The event was called "Dwarven Dairy Drive". Check link No. 52 for reference.
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