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Developer(s)JP Inc.
Operating systemAndroid, iOS
TypeVoice over IP, instant messaging, videoconferencing

Tango is a third-party,[2] cross platform messaging application software[3] for smartphones developed by TangoME, Inc.[3] in 2009. The app is free and is popular for offering video calls[4][5][6][7][8] over 3G,[8] 4G and Wi-Fi networks.[9]

Tango has more than 200 million registered users as of March 2014[8][9][10][11][12] and, among Android devices, it is the 12th most downloaded app.[13] It is rated by PCMag as "the simplest mobile chat application out there, with a good range of support."[14]


Tango, based in Mountain View, California, was founded in September 2009 by Uri Raz and Eric Setton.[14][15] Setton currently serves as its Chief Technology Officer[15][16] while Raz is its CEO[14] and Brian Hansen the senior director of operations.[3]

Raz, a serial entrepreneur and Setton, who holds a Stanford PhD in electrical engineering, created the service using peer-to-peer and video compression technologies with the ability to scale to hundreds of millions of users with low infrastructure costs and high quality video.

The founders raised venture capital from a range of investors such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Len Blavatnik.[17]

It was reported in July 2013 that the Syrian Electronic Army had hacked the Tango chat app and stolen 1.5 terabytes of user data.[18]

A financing round in March 2014 brought in $280 million from Alibaba, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and other investors.[19]

As of March 2014, Tango employed just over 160 employees.[citation needed] Tango has offices in Beijing, China, and Austin, Texas, in addition to its Mountain View headquarters. As of 2016, Tango closed its Beijing office.[citation needed]

On August 24, 2015, Tango stopped being compatible with PCs and smartphones which use the Windows Phone operating system.[20]


Tango is a free app[12] that, in addition to video calls, is also optimized for voice calls, texting, photo sharing, and playing games.[3][5][12][14]

Tango is primarily geared towards Android devices.[13] The app is also compatible with iOS.[8][14] Tango has partnered with Aviary to provide photo-editing capabilities.[14]

Tango caters to more than 200 million users[16] which is forming the base of a social network among its users.[21][22]

Tango is available in 14 languages including Arabic, Chinese, and Turkish.

Tango has added integration with GIF platform Gfycat as of February 2017, allowing users to search and send GIFs.[23]


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