Keswick, Edmonton

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Keswick is located in Edmonton
Location of Keswick in Edmonton
Coordinates: 53°24′58″N 113°37′37″W / 53.416°N 113.627°W / 53.416; -113.627
Country  Canada
Province  Alberta
City Edmonton
Quadrant[1] SW
Ward[1] 9
Sector[2] Southwest
Area[3][4] Windermere
 • Administrative body Edmonton City Council
 • Councillor Bryan Anderson
Elevation 691 m (2,267 ft)

Keswick is a neighbourhood in southwest Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that was established in 2010 through the adoption of the Keswick Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP).[6] It is a planned neighborhood, which is a joint venture between MLC Group and Cameron Communities. The neighborhood was inspired by the Lake District in England and features parks, constructed wetlands and expansive walking trails.

Keswick is located within the Windermere area and was originally considered Neighbourhood 3 within Windermere Area Structure Plan (ASP).[7]

It is bounded by the North Saskatchewan River to the west, the future realignment of Ellerslie Road SW to the north, 170 Street SW to the east, and the future 25 Avenue SW to the south. The Windermere neighbourhood is located to the north, while future Windermere Neighbourhood 4 and Neaighbourhood 5 are located to the east and south respectively.[6][7]

Surrounding neighbourhoods[edit]

Keswick is bordered by the Windermere, Ambleside and Glenridding Heights neighborhoods.


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