The Buddha and His Dhamma

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The Buddha and His Dhamma
Author Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
Country India
Language English
Genre Buddhism
Publisher Siddhartha College Publications, Mumbai[1]
Publication date
Pages 599
Followed by Babasheb Ambedkar, writings and speeches, v. 12. Unpublished writings ; Ancient Indian commerce ; Notes on laws ; Waiting for a visa ; Miscellaneous notes, etc.

The Buddha and His Dhamma, a treatise on Buddha's life and Buddhism, was the last work of Indian statesman and scholar B. R. Ambedkar. It was first published in 1957 after Ambedkar's death on 6 December 1956. According to Christopher Queen, the text is the scripture for those who follow Navayana Buddhism.[2]

It was again Published in 1979 by the Education Department of the Government of Maharashtra as the eleventh volume of Ambedkar's collected writings and speeches, with a list of sources and an index.[3] Written in English, the book has been translated to many languages including Hindi, Gujarati,Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, and Kannada.[citation needed]

B. R. Ambedkar mentioned that it is one of the three books which will form a set for the proper understanding of Buddhism. The other books are: (i) Buddha and Karl Marx; and (ii) Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Ancient India.[4]

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