Buddhism in Senegal

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In Senegal, Mahayana Buddhism is followed by a very tiny portion of the Vietnamese community,[1] but it is informal Buddhism because they only worship their ancestors by burning the incenses on a small altar and in the end of all prayers are: "Nam mô A Di Đà Phật" (Mean:"Glory to Buddha Amitabha") as traditional of Vietnamese faith[2] that is Bodhisattvas as Địa Tạng Vương Bồ tát and Quan Thế Âm Bồ tát will bless and teach the spirits of dead people how to take a better life in next incarnations or go to Nirvana forever.

Total Buddhists in Senegal is around 0.01% as maximum and 99% of all Buddhists here is Vietnamese descents.

Vietnamese people maybe the only one East Asian community in Senegal. With communities of European and Lebanese made-up about 1% of total population in Senegal.


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