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The Federal Kuala Lumpur is an international-class hotel located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It hosts post-independence Malaya's first revolving restaurant.

The Federal Hotel on Bukit Bintang road ( Circa 1960s )


The Federal Kuala Lumpur is the first international-class hotel of post-independence Malaya. It was built to coincide with Malaya's Independence commemoration to serve as a hotel for witnessing foreign dignitaries. It opened for business just three days before Malaya's Independence Day which falls on 31 August 1957.[1] It was founded by Low Yat (father of Low Yow Chuan).[2] The architect of the original nine-story building was Lee Yoon Thim. The taller wing housing the revolving restaurant was built in the early 1960s.[3]

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